American Marketing Association and INXPO Deliver Online Events to Marketers Everywhere

Chicago -- 06/29/12
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5,300 Marketers Have Attended AMA's Online Events in 2012 Alone

The American Marketing Association (AMA) and INXPO have discovered a formula for delivering successful digital marketing events. The AMA and INXPO have delivered a total of 14 "Virtual XChange" online events. The most recent event took place on June 21, 2012 and was titled "Deciphering Marketing Research Online: Technology, Techniques and Tools."

In 2012 alone, the AMA has hosted over 5,300 online attendees, with an average of 1,450 per event. AMA's online events have allowed them to reach a global audience of marketers, who seek education and information on the latest marketing practices.

"AMA has achieved tremendous success with online events. In addition to their effective monetization strategies, they certified their production team on our easy-to-use, self-service capabilities. Doing this allowed them to drive profitable growth in their online event programs," said Malcolm Lotzof, Co-Founder and CEO, INXPO.

AMA has found success using an assortment of sponsorship packages. AMA’s packages include event-level presenting sponsorships, lounge sponsorships, in-event marquee advertising and in-event announcements.

"The AMA's approach has been to take cues from live event sponsorship opportunities. We've seen success using tiered sponsorships -- each level having a different mix of offerings, from speaking opportunities to logos in email and branded landing pages," said Alli Libb, Online Event Manager at AMA. "And by using the INXPO platform, we can assure that sponsors see a return on their investment, while using the perfect delivery channel for information on the hottest marketing topics," continued Libb.

"As a marketer myself, I find AMA's events to be quite valuable. In addition to providing quality content to their membership, AMA has cracked the code with online event monetization. They're delivering for their members while delivering for the bottom line," said Scott Kellner, CMO, INXPO.

For more information on INXPO’s online events platform, email us or call 312.962.3708.

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