BNP Media and INXPO Partner to Deliver Webcasts and Online Events

Chicago -- 06/29/12
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BNP Media's Online Events Revenue Growing at 50% Annually

BNP Media and INXPO have partnered to deliver on the growing demand for BNP Media's online sponsorship offerings. The partnership has delivered immediate, measurable results, in the form of 5 large-scale, multi-sponsor online events and 96 sponsored webcasts (booked to date).

BNP Media has seen an average of 750 attendees at the online events and an average of 260 live viewers for each webcast. In 2012 alone, BNP Media's online events and webcasts have been sponsored by 85 unique advertisers.

"We've solved the monetization formula for webcasts, growing revenue 5x since we launched the product offering, with average annual growth of 40% since 2006," said Danielle Belmont, Senior Online Events Manager at BNP Media.

"For online events, we're seeing 50% annual revenue growth. INXPO's scalable technology platform and innovative features have helped us meet and exceed our revenue goals," continued Belmont.

"We congratulate BNP Media on their continued success with online events. In addition to their effective monetization strategies, BNP Media certified their production team on our easy-to-use, self-service capabilities. Doing this allowed them to drive further profitability in their online event programs," said Malcolm Lotzof, Co-Founder and CEO, INXPO.

INXPO recently published a white paper, "Best Practices for Monetizing Digital Environments." You may obtain a copy of the white paper here:

For more information on INXPO's webcasting and online events platform, email us or call 312.962.3708.

For more information on BNP Media's online events and services, email us or call 248.786.1613.

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