CEO of NetentSec YUAN Shengang Delivers His Speech at RSA International Forum

Beijing -- 10/21/10
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Today, the RSA Conference International Forum that is sponsored by RSA Conference and organized by Chinese Institute of Electronics is held in Beijing. About 600 participants from the information safety industry in China and abroad, together with around 40 respected experts in the field that the organizer invited, shared the latest development in related policy-making and implementation concerning information safety, and their experiences in application of information safety techniques. The forum is a good opportunity for Chinese practitioners in the field to keep track of the latest development in information safety in the world. As the most influential conference in the field, RSA Conference has been attracting the participation of the most outstanding talents working in the field for 19 years because it provides a platform for the direct communication on the key issues concerning IT safety between the participants, and the new and established enterprises.

As an annual event, the RSA conference is held in the United States, Europe, and Japan respectively. And the agenda of the conference is designed by the practitioner in the information safety industry and other related experts. The 2010 RSA conference, which is held in China for the first time, attracted the participation of many highly respected figures from different institutions including global top labs, academic groups, universities, scientific R&D institutions, and leading product providers. Mr. YUAN Shengang, CEO of NetentSec, was invited to deliver a speech at the conference. It has been his 8th time participation in RSA conference and he was particularly pleased to deliver a speech at the international forum of RSA conference that was held in China. As a leading corporate in the field of internet application management, NetentSec regulates “people’s” internet behaviors via its outstanding and innovative technical methods, helps users promote their control on the internet “content”, and assists them realize the IT management goal of “making a good use of internet”. With an annual compound growth rate of 300% for five years in a row, NetentSec has become the product provider with the highest growing speed in the field of internet devices in China. Moreover, after getting the strategic investment from Highland Capital, Sumitomo of Japan, and Lenovo Group, NetentSec has grown into the leading product provider for internet application management in China, and started its development toward the world.

In view of the theme concerning cloud computing safety, Mr. YUAN Shengang delivered a speech titled “Challenge on regulatory compliance and internet quality by cloud computing”, to share his academic viewpoints on information safety, and to discuss the future development of the industry with the participants of the conference as well.

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