Connotate and CrowdSource Partner to Offer Comprehensive Solutions for Capturing Competitive Intelligence Data From the Web

Swansee, IL -- 09/19/12
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Connotate, the leading provider of solutions that help organizations automate data collection from the Web, today announced it is partnering with CrowdSource, a leader in enterprise-level crowdsourcing, to offer more options for companies seeking cost-efficient ways to leverage Web data for business advantage.

“CrowdSource is pleased to partner with Connotate, a long-time leader in providing technology for unlocking the vast, untapped business potential of the Web,” said Stephanie Leffler, CEO of CrowdSource. “Connotate and CrowdSource share the same vision and commitment to offering enterprise-class solutions that exploit this potential while delivering the quality, reliability and scale required for business-critical initiatives.”

CrowdSource is an Amazon Mechanical Turk Partner providing full-service crowdsourcing solutions to accomplish labor-intensive tasks with unprecedented speed and superior quality. By breaking complex tasks into microtasks and employing quality controls, CrowdSource eliminates the most common problems associated with scaling labor-intensive tasks.

“We are seeing a real surge in demand for Connotate to collect competitor pricing and product data from the Web,” said Matt Jacobson, VP of Channels and Operations for Connotate. “In cases where product matching is particularly complex, crowdsourcing complements Connotate’s automated approach – and the resulting combination produces a superior solution. Our partnership with CrowdSource allows us to offer our customers a wide range of options to best meet their needs.”

Today, customers in life sciences, automotive, retail, e-tail, manufacturing and consumer product goods are using Connotate’s automated solution to improve profit margins by enabling dynamic pricing strategies, reducing costs, streamlining workflows and ensuring data accuracy.

Connotate will be sharing competitive intelligence use cases in a webinar on September 20, 2012 titled “Big Data and Competitive Intelligence: Finding Answers Outside the Firewall.” For more information and to register, please visit

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