Avidyne Receives STC Approval for TWX670 in Cessna 350

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Reliable and accurate tactical lightning detection now available for first time on this airframe; TWX670 adds new level of safety and utility to Cessna 350/400.


Lincoln, MA – Thursday, January 15, 2009 – Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated flight deck and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, announced today that they have received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the installation of their TWX670 Tactical Lightning Detection System in the Cessna 350 (neé Columbia 350).  Avidyne has also submitted paperwork to the FAA and is expecting STC approval of the TWX670 for the Cessna 400 (Columbia 400) in the coming weeks.

“In owning several aircraft over the years, I have gained a real appreciation for the benefits of real-time lightning detection,” said Chuck Yanke, Columbia 400 owner, and former president of the Cessna Advanced Aircraft Club (formerly the Columbia/Lancair Owners and Pilots Association). “I have found that cloud to cloud lightning typically appears in the early stages of storm formation, while cloud to ground lightning appears once a storm has more fully developed. Having the TWX670 on board is really like having an early warning weather system, and it provides a perfect complement to my satellite broadcast datalink. The TWX670 color lightning system is the next piece of gear I am adding to my Entegra-equipped airplane,” Yanke said.

“Up until now, Cessna 350 and 400 owners have had no viable option for an on-board, real-time weather solution,” said Rob Higby, Avidyne’s vice president of Marketing, Sales and Service. “With this STC, these aircraft owners can now install a TWX670 and get the tactical and strategic benefits of a lightning detection system, increasing the safety, utility, and overall value of their aircraft.”

“Avidyne leads the general aviation industry in providing displays and safety sensors that make flying simpler and safer,” said Patrick Herguth, Chief Operating Officer.  “With the TWX670 and this STC, our development team has overcome the technical obstacles associated with installing spherics systems on certain composite airframes, helping us expand the reach of our products and increasing the number of aircraft owners who can take advantage of our world-class safety sensors.”

Pricing and Availability

The TWX670 is available now and has a list price of $7,995.   Through its dealer network, Avidyne is currently taking orders and accepting deposits for TWX670 systems to be  installed in C350 and C400 aircraft. In addition, Avidyne is currently offering a $1,000 discount on the TWX670 to all of its existing Avidyne Entegra/EX500/EX5000 owners. 

Entegra-equipped aircraft can display the TWX670’s color lightning on the EX5000 MFD and  have full support for all modes including display of close-range strikes, TWxCell™ and Color Strike mode. This requires that the MFD be upgraded to software Release 8.  Release 8 is available for Release 7-equipped MFDs for $495.  Release 8 is available for MFDs that are Release 6 or older for $1,095.  Avidyne is currently running a  Q1 2009 promotion that provides Release 8 upgrade free of charge with the purchase of the TWX670.

For non-Entegra aircraft, the TWX670 is fully compatible with Avidyne’s MHD300 3-ATI Multi-Hazard Display, which also supports all color modes.   In addition, the TWX670’s ‘Compatibility Mode’ provides monochrome strike display capability on third-party displays such as GNS430s and G1000.

Product Images are available for download from our website at: http://www.avidyne.com/news/images.asp

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