Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy and Patty Trosclair Announce The Cancer Connection

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Informational Sessions Explore Complementary Approaches to Cancer

Napa, CA -- January 16, 2009 -- On February 4th, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy on Trancas Blvd. will host the first meeting of The Cancer Connection, a free lunch-time drop-in program for persons impacted by cancer. These informational sessions aim to provide a positive direction to the management of good health, energy, and personal wellbeing for persons impacted by cancer. Patty Trosclair, a critical health, executive and life coach and management consultant, is co-leading the program every Wednesday from 12–2 p.m.

Trosclair is a two-time stage 4 cancer survivor and a stem-cell transplantee. She proposed the idea for The Cancer Connection to China Rose Reid, the lead practitioner at Napa’s Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy. Trosclair felt that her integrative approach to her body’s cancer journey, in which she utilized eight alternative modalities along with her chemotherapy treatment, meshed perfectly with Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy’s goal to help persons achieve optimum health through traditional prescription services, complementary and natural remedies, or a personalized blend of both.

“I learned so much as I traveled through the cancer process. I feel this forum for sharing many people’s experiences—while also becoming informed about complementary products and activities—will be most beneficial for all who join us,” says Trosclair, who is currently writing a book on her use of an integrative approach during her personal cancer journey.

The Cancer Connection meetings will include guest lectures from 12:30–1 p.m. Attendees will participate in discussions about health and wellness, acupuncture, nutrition, art therapy, Qi Gong, and hair and wig design among other topics. Health professionals who practice western medicine will often join the group as well. The gatherings will allow sharing among those impacted by cancer—patients, survivors, friends and family members, caregivers and others.

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