Brazilian Asset Manager Rolls Out Derivatives Trading with StreamBase CEP

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London, United Kingdom - June 8, 2010 - Today at the International Derivatives Expo 2010, StreamBase officially announced that Kairos Asset Management (KAM) has deployed the StreamBase Complex Event Processing (CEP) platform to support high frequency trading strategies across multiple asset classes, including derivatives, foreign exchanges (FX) and equities.

KAM, founded in 2003 by proprietary traders from major Brazilian financial institutions, has been leading innovation in the Brazilian capital markets by deploying advanced trading technologies. KAM utilizes the StreamBase CEP platform as the basis for their trading systems and executes trades across markets in Brazil, the U.S., Mexico and Europe. The firm operates a co-located server for derivatives trading at BM&F, part of BM&FBovespa.

“Initially we were using the StreamBase platform for algo development and order execution in equities,” said Alberto Araujo, COO at KAM. “After our first strategies were implemented and in production we started to understand the potential that StreamBase offered for trading multiple asset classes. Now, in addition to equities, we have StreamBase running strategies for futures and after a few weeks we have accomplished outstanding results.”

“It can be a challenge to execute derivatives trades electronically, particularly with multi-legged strategies across multiple geographies and asset classes, said Paul Zubulake, senior analyst at Aite Group. “Driven by rising volumes and improvements in electronic trading, both international and local investors are showing interest in derivatives markets, especially in Brazil.”

“As automated trading has become more prevalent beyond equity markets, we seegrowing interest from firms for technology that allows development of cross-asset trading strategies,” said Richard Tibbetts, CTO of StreamBase. “For firms who want expand their trading desks to other asset classes, they might find themselves spending significant time and efforts on solving technical challenges, such as normalization, data analysis and connectivity issues. Through StreamBase’s whiteboard programming, combined with connectivity and visualization options, StreamBase can accelerate time-to-market and allows customers to focus their time and efforts on their money making strategies.”

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