Zipcar Boston Hits the Open Road With SCVNGR

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Car-Sharing Leader Rolls Out Rewards and Challenges on SCVNGR

CAMBRIDGE, MA - August 26, 2010 - What do you get when you partner two cutting-edge (may we venture to add super cool) companies both based in Cambridge? Easy: a pretty sweet ride with benefits. Starting today, Zipcar, the world's largest car-sharing service, will be building challenges and rewards on SCVNGR all throughout the Boston and Cambridge area.

SCVNGR is a social game all about going cool places, doing challenges and earning points. With more than 900 Zipcars parked throughout Boston and Cambridge, local Zipsters can still conveniently travel place to place, however now with SCVNGR, they can earn points and unlock rewards like American Apparel Zipcar Tees, limited edition Zipcar mints or a $25 driving credit during their trips.

"Zipcar is an awesome company that gives you the freedom to get wheels when you need them and go wherever you want," said Seth Priebatsch, Chief Ninja of SCVNGR. "SCVNGR's a wicked fun game all about going to cool places and doing fun challenges. So get in your Zipcar, go places, do challenges, earn points and get free stuff. What a great fit!"

"The way that Zipcar is changing the way people think about transportation is much like the way that SCVNGR is redefining location-based mobile gaming," said Dan Curtin, General Manager of Zipcar Boston. "This latest partnership adds an exciting element to our 24/7 and cost-efficient self-service model and an added level of engagement with our local customers."

So what type of challenges can local Zipsters participate in to snag Zipcar rewards?

  • Head to any Zipcar college pick-up location including Boston University, Harvard University, MIT, Simmons and Tufts (to name a few), pose next to the car. Have your friend snap a pic. Smile! 3 points.
  • We all do it... name our rides, that is. So, tell us, what special name have you given your horseless carriage today? The Blue Beast? The MiniVan Go? 3 points!
  • Doing a little back-to-school shopping or replacing that hideous rug in your apartment? Get the Zipcar treatment by taking a pic in front of your special Zipcar VIP parking spot at any IKEA. 5 points!

So, grab the free SCVNGR app from the Android Market or Apple App Store. Open it up. Go places. Do challenges. Earn points and unlock great Zipcar rewards! You can also download the Zipcar iPhone™ app to locate Zipcars, reserve, extend and cancel reservations, even honk the horn and unlock the doors.

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