Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy Announces 23rd Location Opening in Menlo Park, Calif. this November

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Store Opening Increases Convenient Access to Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Natural Beauty Products, and Free and Private Consultations with Pharmaca’s Licensed Practitioner Staff

Customers Nationwide Also See Increased Access with Expansion of Pharmaca’s e-Commerce Site

BOULDER, Colo.-- September 08, 2010 -- Continuing to answer Americans’ growing demand for ways to manage their own health, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy today announced it is opening its 23rd location in Menlo Park, Calif., early this November. The new 4,700-square-foot location – the ninth Pharmaca store in the Bay Area – will be located at 871 Santa Cruz Ave. in downtown Menlo Park. The new store will employ eight licensed practitioners.

The first Pharmaca opened its doors in 2000 in Boulder, Colo. Inspired by the pharmacies of Europe, where pharmacists play a larger role in their customers’ health and often guide them in exploring alternatives to conventional medicine, the founders of Pharmaca conceptualized an integrative pharmacy that set a higher standard for pharmacies in terms of service, selection and sustainability. They saw Pharmaca as a place where customers could get the best of conventional medicine while exploring alternative therapies and they wanted to focus on prevention of illness instead of just treating symptoms, ultimately empowering customers to take charge of their own health.

Pharmaca’s customers now develop relationships with the licensed pharmacists and holistic practitioners they find in the store, including naturopathic doctors, herbalists and estheticians, as they learn about the variety of health care options available to them. While in the store, customers can also pick from a wide selection of natural beauty products, organic body care items, eco-friendly cleaning products and fair trade gifts.

Today, this incredibly innovative and successful model has led to the continued expansion of Pharmaca’s brick-and-mortar stores, as well as its online presence. Pharmaca also announced today the addition of 500 new products to its e-commerce site, The growing interest in natural and alternative remedies led Pharmaca to expand its e-commerce site to provide consumers nationwide with increased access to its trusted selection of products, as well as a growing educational forum on which consumers can learn about a variety of health conditions and common natural treatments.

“We are thrilled to extend the values of Pharmaca to more residents in the Bay Area with our new store, and to consumers across the U.S. through the expansion of our e-commerce site,” said Mark Panzer, president and CEO of Pharmaca. “Through our distinctive concept, we provide our customers with all of their preventative and treatment care needs, along with health-focused educational resources, aligning nicely with the shifting trend in health care to self care.”

Some of the expanded features of the e-commerce site include:

  • Diverse traditional and alternative product offerings  The site currently offers approximately 4,500 products, ranging from vitamins, supplements and herbs, to personal care items, eco-home products and beauty essentials. Pharmaca is one of the only sites featuring hard-to-find brands such as Pure Encapsulations, Vitanica and Sanitas Skincare, along with a variety of private label Pharmaca products.
  • Simple navigation – With the site’s improved search function, shoppers can easily navigate the new site, whether they’re searching for a specific product, brand or condition—from cold and flu treatments to pregnancy support.
  • Educational content – The new site provides a variety of resources for those looking for informative, educational and credible health and wellness information. Visitors can currently get real answers to their health questions through Pharmaca’s “ask a practitioner” and “ask a pharmacist” features. In the coming months the site will also include an expanded Integrative Health Center, featuring video, podcasts and articles about a number of conditions and treatments.
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