Bit9 Certified Under ArcSight CEF Program

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Interoperability of Bit9 Parity Suite with the ArcSight ETRM Platform Brings Advanced Threat Protection via Application Whitelisting to ArcSight Customers

Washington, D.C. -- Sept. 20, 2010 -- Bit9, the leader in Advanced Threat Protection, announced today that its Bit9 Parity Suite Application Whitelisting solution has achieved Common Event Format (CEF) certification for its interoperability with the ArcSight Enterprise Threat and Risk Management (ETRM) platform. Additionally, Bit9 has made the certified solution commercially available.

The CEF is an open log management standard that improves the interoperability of security-related information from different security and network devices and applications.

The Advanced Persistent Threat targets end users and leverages e-mail, blogs, IM, podcasts and other collaborative resources as attack vectors for distributing malware. These targeted attacks, stealth and unique to an organization, put sensitive data at risk and hinder productivity. Companies need to ensure that employees have access to every technology necessary for success while operating within a safe and reliable environment. Bit9 Parity Suite together with the ArcSight ETRM platform provides customers with:

  • Continuous monitoring of all endpoint configurations 
  • Threat detection to assess the reputation of all software and isolate embedded malware and, 
  • Threat prevention with Application Whitelisting to ensure only trusted software is allowed to run

The interoperability between Bit9 and the ArcSight ETRM platform enables ArcSight customers to aggregate, filter, correlate, and analyze security events – including the Bit9 Parity whitelisting solution – all from one user interface, helping drive down management costs while increasing security.

ArcSight is a leading global provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions that protect enterprises and government agencies. ArcSight has taken a leadership role in the security industry by developing a log management standard that SIM/SEM vendors, customers and partners can leverage to develop their own valuable innovations in security technology.

"Bit9 is a valuable addition to the ArcSight CEF partner program. By providing a unique approach to advanced threat protection, Bit9 provides insight that will help ArcSight customers to secure more of their organization’s assets in real time,” said Jeff Scheel, senior vice president of Business Development at ArcSight. “Bit9’s application whitelisting solution extends the broad capabilities of the ArcSight ETRM platform and addresses a pressing concern of enterprises across the globe.”

“Bit9 continues to partner with market leaders like ArcSight in order to provide customers with advanced threat protection,” said Doug Cahill, Vice President of Business Development at Bit9. “This partnership goes beyond simply ‘checking the boxes’ on your security initiatives by bringing proactive security controls into view.”

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