VMTurbo Expands Its Integrated Virtualization Management Suite, Launching the VMTurbo Storage Reporter

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The VMTurbo Storage Reporter Tracks, Analyzes, and Trends Virtual Infrastructure Storage Resources to Optimize Their Utilization and Performance

VALHALLA, NY-- November 2, 2010 -- VMTurbo, a virtualization management technology leader, announced today the general availability of a new product, the VMTurbo Storage Reporter.

Virtual infrastructure administrators often encounter storage bottlenecks and latency problems, due to the dynamic resource sharing nature of virtualization. These problems often disrupt I/O centric applications and stall virtualization initiatives, reducing dramatically an organization's return on their virtualization investment.

The VMTurbo Storage Reporter was developed to address these challenges. The Storage Reporter provides system administrators comprehensive, customizable storage utilization and performance reports that help:

  • Identify and eliminate storage bottlenecks by tracking latencies and utilization
  • Evaluate and assure the I/O performance of mission critical applications
  • Reclaim storage wasted by dormant sprawling VMs
  • Create management reports to help plan for storage growth and changes
  • Determine capacity expansion needs

The VMTurbo Storage Reporter expands VMTurbo's Integrated Virtualization Management Suite, which monitors, analyzes, optimizes, and resolves problems in virtualized IT environments.

"The risk of poor I/O performance often prevents organizations from virtualizing more of their production applications and realizing an additional return on their virtualization investment," said Dr. Shmuel Kliger, co-founder, president and CEO of VMTurbo. "The VMTurbo Storage Reporter lets administrators track, analyze, and trend storage demands, utilization, and performance. Administrators can use the product to prevent bottlenecks, minimize storage latency, reduce storage waste and improve overall storage performance. By addressing these issues, we help customers virtualize more of their production applications, and provide the peace of mind that the storage environment will not become a bottleneck as they expand their virtual environment."

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