Pixable Lets You Share Facebook Photos on Your Blog

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NEW YORK CITY, November 5, 2010 -- Pixable, the first photo service allowing you to create products with your Facebook photos, today announced the launch of PocketPix, an innovative way to group your favorite online photos and share them on your blog or Facebook wall. Users can take any of their photos on Facebook, assemble them into a Pocketpix, and then display it on their own blog, website, or Facebook wall in literally a couple of clicks. The widget provides a unique photo browsing experience as friends can then browse through the photos directly within the Pocketpix widget with no need to leave a friend's Facebook wall or jump to another page or photo viewer. Similar to Pixable's other products, PocketPix takes advantage of Pixable's unique photo aggregation technology, which allows users to combine photos from anywhere, including Flickr, Picasa, and even their friends' photos stored on Facebook.

"Facebook is the world's largest repository of photos, housing more than 50 billion and growing. It has already established itself as the leader in photo storage; however, the way photos are shared and viewed on Facebook is a little cumbersome and limiting," says Inaki Berenguer, CEO & Co-founder of Pixable. "Users have to jump from one page to another to view photos, interrupting their browsing experience. The Pocketpix widget enables users to flip through an entire album in one go without leaving a friend's wall, and users can now display Facebook photos directly on their blog for the first time."

The Pocketpix widget can be inserted into blogs using a simple embed code. Whether you would like to share a personalized set of photos after an unforgettable trip, or just show off your favorite Facebook album, the Pocketpix photo widget is making it easier to share the photos that matter most to you.

If the digital version of the Pocketpix isn't enough, a high quality print can also be ordered. The printed version comes as a small deck of 14 double-sided photo cards that opens like a fan.

A sample of the Pocketpix embedded directly into a blog post: http://pixb.ly/pocketpixb

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