SCVNGR and BFG Communications Bring the Game Layer to the Food Service Industry

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CAMBRIDGE, MA-- January 27, 2011 -- Today, SCVNGR -- the social game all about going places, doing challenges and earning rewards -- has partnered with BFG Communications to bring SCVNGR's game layer of social engagement to the food service industry. BFG, a nationally ranked brand building and creative solutions agency based in Hilton Head, SC, is SCVNGR's first certified partner. SCVNGR certified partners have demonstrated a deep understanding of game dynamics and have successfully utilized SCVNGR's API in a campaign. By leveraging SCVNGR, BFG clients can better drive customer loyalty and engagement with their brands.

"We see a tremendous opportunity to bring SCVNGR to our clients in the food service industry and other markets down the line, such as sports, entertainment and beverage companies," said Kevin Meany, CEO of BFG Communications. "BFG tested a number of location-based services, and when it came to choosing an option with a real business purpose we felt that SCVNGR was far superior. SCVNGR goes way beyond the location-based check-in, allowing for deeper interaction and social engagement with brands."

Last week, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar was the first national restaurant chain (and BFG client) to announce an interactive campaign with SCVNGR that would take place during the 2011 basketball season. By playing SCVNGR, Buffalo Wild Wings guests can complete challenges on their smart phones and win instant prizes and rewards that are redeemable on the spot -- not to mention qualify for a grand prize trip to the pro basketball finals with Scottie Pippen. SCVNGR players can also take a look at where they stand versus their friends or how well their favorite Buffalo Wild Wings location is doing versus others. To see how Buffalo Wild Wings is putting SCVNGR's API data to use, visit:

"We approached BFG with the challenge of making Buffalo Wild Wings the destination for basketball and they delivered with a social program in collaboration with SCVNGR that couldn't be beat," said Jeremy Burke, Brand Manager at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar. "The Buffalo Wild Wings SCVNGR Challenge out-performed all goals from the very beginning -- in fact within the first two weeks of the campaign, over 33,000 people played SCVNGR at our locations and one in three players have come back to play again. This success was mainly due to the fact that it was able to give our guests what they crave, a social competition."

"SCVNGR's unique form of game driven social media creates unparalleled levels of consumer engagement driven by the brand voice and character," said Chris Mahl, SVP & Chief Brand Alchemist at SCVNGR. "SCVNGR allows innovators like Buffalo Wild Wings working with partners like BFG to create 'social delight' for their consumers while including themes like basketball with personality and emotion. We're pleased to have BFG as a certified member of the SCVNGR Partner Program."

Want to know more about SCVNGR? Just grab the free SCVNGR app at either the Android Market or Apple App Store and start playing! To learn more about SCVNGR and businesses, head to

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