WePay Giving Makes Collecting Money for Good Causes Easy

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PALO ALTO, Calif., March 10, 2011 -- WePay, the online payments service that makes it easy to collect money online, is now making it easier than ever to raise money for a good cause with WePay Giving.

Unlike other online donation platforms, WePay allows users to create "open" accounts, where anyone can join an account and see exactly where the money goes. This eliminates one of the largest obstacles in collecting online donations - hesitation from donors who worry that their donations will be misspent.

The WePay Giving homepage features a new good cause each week. Causes that have already enjoyed success include Madelyn's Burn Fund, which has collected over $2,000 in WePay donations on behalf of a 4-year-old Oklahoma burn victim. The funds have helped cover her parents' expenses as she remains in treatment. Artistic projects also fare well on WePay Giving. WePay users have also helped raise over $9,000 to fund the independent film Hitting on Destiny.

People who wish to collect money for good causes can set up a WePay account in less than a minute. They can share a link to the donation page, add a "donate" button to their website, and share the cause on Twitter and Facebook. WePay users always control the money that they collect. Funds can be withdrawn to a bank account or spent with paper checks or a debit card.

"We are so excited that WePay empowers people to accept donations for good causes easily, without the need for handling paper checks or setting up a separate bank account. Our users now have the tools to collect money without any barriers," says WePay CEO Bill Clerico.

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