Bit9’s Adaptive Application Whitelisting Technology Now Integrated with Symantec Protection Center

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Bit9 Parity Suite Integrates with Symantec’s Leading Open Security Management Console

August 24, 2011 - Waltham, Mass. - Bit9 Inc. today announced the integration of the Bit9 Parity Suite, the company's signature adaptive application whitelisting solution, with the Symantec Protection Center, a leading open and centralized enterprise security management console. This technology alliance will help enterprises that use Symantec Protection Center to better protect against targeted attacks by having seamless access to Bit9's adaptive application whitelisting technology, which allows only approved software to run in the network and blocks all other unauthorized or malicious software on all physical or virtual endpoints, including desktops, laptops, and servers.

Bit9 is the first application whitelisting provider to integrate with the Symantec Protection Center.

A majority of modern cyber attacks are no longer broad-based attacks that overwhelm a network, but instead involve customized malware that target specific individuals and endpoints via attacks that exploit zero day and other software vulnerabilities. Bit9 specializes in preventing these targeted attacks, often called Advanced Persistent Threats.

The Bit9 Parity integration with Symantec Protection Center allows SPC users to gain comprehensive control over all software on their workstations, laptops and servers. Within a single console, users can now automate application whitelisting, accelerate response times, and take timely, targeted action to remediate incidents and proactively protect key systems and information assets.

"The integration of the Bit9 Parity Suite and Symantec Protection Center is an important step in providing enterprises with the ability to protect against advanced persistent threats while reducing complexity through the use of a single console. Users can manage their networks while still having the ability to prioritize tasks and protection based on relevant, actionable intelligence via the ease of an open, central console," said Brian Hazzard, director of product management at Bit9.

"To effectively mitigate security risks in their environment, our customers need visibility into proven third-party solutions like Bit9 Parity Suite. By providing single sign-on and data integration between our technologies, we are able to expand our customers' view into local security events and enable them to more quickly mitigate endpoint security risks," said Matthew Steele, senior director of product management at Symantec.

Bit9 Parity Suite Bit9's Parity Suite's adaptive application whitelisting solution protects organizations from modern cyber security threats. It accomplishes this through continuous monitoring of all software and portable storage devices running on physical or virtual workstations and servers. In addition, the Parity Suite's in-the-cloud service assigns a trust rating to all software to identify computers at risk and provides policy-based controls that ensure only trusted software, portable storage devices and configuration changes are made to the endpoint.

Symantec Protection Center Symantec Protection Center is a centralized security management console that allows organizations to identify emerging threats, prioritize tasks and accelerate time to protection based on relevant, actionable intelligence. Unlike other solutions, Protection Center delivers context-aware security management by mapping data from endpoint, messaging and third-party security products together with early warning alerts from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, one of the world's leading commercial cyber-intelligence communities.

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