PerkStreet April Personal Finance Pulse: Financial Savvy is Sexy

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Nationwide Personal Finance Experts Agree: Personal Finance is So Hot Right Now

BOSTON, April 24, 2012 -- PerkStreet Financial surveyed personal finance experts from across the country in its monthly "Personal Finance Pulse." Results reflect an aggregate opinion designed to provide insight into what's next in consumer finance.

Most Experts Agree Money Management Skills are in Fashion

If there's a positive result of the recession, it's that being smart with money has come into style in America – at least according to those educating people about it. The vast majority (92.3%) of the personal finance experts surveyed believe being knowledgeable about personal finance is more fashionable in the current economic climate than it was before the recession.

"I think personal finance is so in-style, it's even becoming visibly more mainstream," says Pinyo Bhulipongsanon, from one of the most popular personal finance blogs on the web, Moolanomy. "There are more shows and segments that focus on different aspects of personal finance. More and more, personal finance is everywhere you look. It's great for Americans to have this stuff front and center, especially when you consider the alternatives in entertainment."

Many Even See Personal Financial Smarts as Sexy

All told, 69.2% of respondents report believing personal finance isn't just stylish – it's sexy. The rest say it's a stretch to correlate personal financial savvy with sex appeal, but the vast majority argue for the idea that budget-mindedness is desirable in a mate.

"The confidence you get from knowing where your money is coming from and going to is incredibly powerful. And we all know that confident is sexy. So being sexy most definitely relates to money and good financial management," says J. Money from the blog Budgets Are Sexy, which aims to make personal finance fun and caters to twentysomethings.

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