Explosive Demand for Advanced Threat Protection Propels Bit9 to Record Growth in 2013

Waltham, MA -- 01/29/14
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Company achieves milestones in revenue, data-center deployments and channel sales growth; robust sales pipeline will drive even stronger growth in 2014

WALTHAM, MASS., Jan. 29, 2014 -- Bit9, the leader in advanced threat protection for endpoints and servers based on real-time visibility and prevention, today announced that explosive demand for advanced threat protection against increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks propelled the company to record growth in 2013. Bit9 achieved milestones in all key revenue categories, and a robust sales pipeline positions the company for even greater success in 2014.

"2013 was an exceptional year for Bit9—and, most importantly, for our customers—as more companies deployed our industry-leading advanced threat protection platform on their endpoints, servers and fixed-function devices," said Patrick Morley, president and chief executive officer of Bit9. "Every organization is a potential target, and more companies are turning to Bit9 for real-time prevention and response because traditional security solutions are failing them. That's never been more evident than with the rise in successful attacks on point-of-sale systems."

Bit9 2013 results include:

  • 66% revenue growth
  • 93% increase in data-center sales
  • 137% channel sales growth

"As advanced threats grow in number and severity, organizations need a new generation of endpoint and server security," Morley said. "Antivirus is simply not effective against the targeted and zero-day attacks that make headlines on almost a daily basis. Bit9's success in 2013 is proof that our approach to security, based on real-time prevention and response, is the best choice to protect enterprises against potentially devastating advanced threats."

Key Bit9 accomplishments in 2013 include:

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