Gigamon and Corvil Collaborate to Enhance Operational Performance Monitoring in High Performance IT Infrastructures

SILICON VALLEY -- 06/26/13
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Partnership Utilizes Precise Time Stamping for Cross Platform Correlation of Events

Gigamon®(NYSE:GIMO), a leader in traffic visibility solutions with the innovative Visibility Fabric™ architecture, announces that Corvil, a provider of IT monitoring systems for high performance businesses, now supports Gigamon’s GigaVUE HD Series time stamping solution. Accurate time stamping is critical for correlation of network events, optimal network analysis and faster application troubleshooting in high performance enterprise IT environments. Through this combination of CorvilNet Operational Performance Monitoring and Gigamon time stamping technology, accurate time stamping detail can be used in high speed data capture, distributed transaction-application network monitoring and real-time business analysis.

Gigamon’s GigaPORT-X12-TS blade for the GigaVUE HD Series offers hardware-based, nanosecond-accurate time stamping, enabling IT organizations to optimize networks for all types of traffic including high frequency trading (HFT) communications. The time stamping feature precisely synchronizes data to enhance Quality of Service (QoS) analysis and overcomes port latency issues, improving network analysis, jitter evaluation, and overall infrastructure performance management. Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric Nodes are designed to work together to create a pervasive Visibility Fabric architecture and provide a view into physical, virtual, and, eventually, software-defined networks (SDN).

“Corvil’s support of Gigamon’s time stamping technology allows Gigamon to provide our customers with versatile, cost-effective and far-reaching solutions,” said Tara Reeve, director of strategic alliances at Gigamon. “By utilizing Gigamon’s highly accurate and scalable time stamping functionality in conjunction with Corvil’s Operational Performance Monitoring, we are able to provide network managers with a swift and accurate solution to troubleshoot low latency applications and high performance networks. Thereby allowing them to achieve real-time, deep analysis and insight.”

“The collaboration between Corvil and an advanced technology provider like Gigamon will benefit our mutual customers," said Donal O’Sullivan, vice president of product management at Corvil. "By utilizing Gigamon’s time stamp technology together with Corvil’s Operational Performance Monitoring, customers are able to utilize the enhanced visibility and turn highly-granular performance data into operational and business intelligence in real-time, creating valuable analytics that fuel business performance in trading, financial and other high-performance IT environments."

For more information, please visit the website at, or call (408) 263-2022.

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