Infinio Accelerator 1.0 Now Generally Available

Cambridge, MA -- 11/05/13
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Partner referral program also open for business

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.Nov. 5, 2013 -- Infinio, inventor of downloadable storage performance, today announced general availability of its first product, Infinio Accelerator v1.0. A live product demo and technical Q&A is set for 3:00 pm ET today. The company also announced its partner referral program, offering an easy online way for resellers to do business with Infinio.

Infinio Accelerator offers a downloadable software-only solution to the problem of NAS storage performance in virtualized environments. Key differentiators include:

  • No new hardware, no reboots – Infinio Accelerator is a 100% software-only solution requiring no new hardware and no service interruptions to install.
  • Accelerates all workload types – every VM and application associated with an accelerated datastore, including VDI, receives a performance boost from Infinio.
  • Affordable for all sizes of organizations – at just $499 per host socket, Infinio offers a budget-friendly solution to storage performance improvement as virtual environments grow.
  • Easy to try, easy to buy – Infinio Accelerator can be downloaded, installed and tried in 30 minutes with no service interruption, and can be licensed via credit card, check, or wire transfer when the free 30-day trial is complete.
  • Logical predecessor to SSDs – whether or not flash storage is in a customer's long-term plan, Infinio Accelerator offers immediate performance gains at a fraction of the cost, extending the life of existing NAS hardware.

"While we're very proud that this product has already won awards, the most important thing is how well it works for real-world customers," said Infinio Co-founder and CEO Arun Agarwal. "Interest has been strong throughout the beta period, and in fact, we already have a paying customer on our first day of general availability."

"We know that many of our potential customers rely on their trusted VARs," Agarwal continued, "so we've also rolled out a partner referral program that is just as easy and frictionless as our product installation process." Resellers interested in becoming Infinio partners can learn more and sign up at

"Who doesn't want to get more performance out of the storage hardware they already have?" commented Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at ESG. "Infinio makes it simple for customers to download the software, install it without a reboot, and within minutes, have faster-running VMs. Making things go faster in a VMware environment is always good. Making them go faster for under $1,000 per server is brilliant."

A live product demo and technical Q&A session will take place today at 3:00 pm ET, hosted by Agarwal and Infinio Director of Product Management Peter Smith. Those who are interested in participating can register at A recording of the event will later be available at the same link.

Pricing & Availability
Infinio Accelerator v1.0 is generally available now, with pricing at $499 USD per CPU socket for a perpetual license and one year of maintenance.  More information, including free 30-day trials, is available at

Comments from early users:
"Like any IT department, we're trying to do more with less. Managing the IT infrastructure for a 3,500-person company, I need to get everything I can out of my existing architecture to support the business. Infinio lets me squeeze a little more newness out of old hardware, which is why we're happy to be their first customer."  James Hayes, Divisional Vice President of IT, Hancock Fabrics.

"Currently I oversee a 300+ VM environment on 20 hosts in two datacenters. Infinio is easy to set up, with a polished interface. It's unobtrusive, and we saw immediate reductions in read requests hitting back-end storage." Jonathan Frappier, VCAP5-DCD, VCP5-DCV, vExpert, Senior Systems Administrator.

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