Ink, the Company Behind, Closes $1.8M Seed Round

SAN FRANCISCO -- 06/18/13
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Andreessen Horowitz, Highland Capital Partners and Other Top Investors Support Ink’s New Development Framework to Connect Information Across Apps and Services

Ink, the company behind, today announced it closed a $1.8 million seed funding round to build out its developer framework. More than 20,000 apps and services already rely on Ink to offer consumers the ability to connect content across devices and sources like Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Gmail Attachment Download, Google Drive, Evernote and more. With the seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz and Highland Capital Partners, Ink boasts an impressive investor list: SV Angel, Google board member Ram Shriram, Geoff Ralston (La La Media), Aaron Iba (Y Combinator), Pejman Nozad (Amidzad), Facebook VP of Business Development and Monetization Dan Rose, Ullas Naik (Streamlined Ventures), Hamid Barkhordar, Bobby Yazdani (Saba Software), Niall Browne (Workday), and Data Collective.

“We're excited to be working with these top-flight investors as we lay the foundation for the next generation of applications,” said Brett van Zuiden, founder and CEO of Ink. “This seed round supports our rapid growth. With our app usage increasing 10 percent every week, we’re more than doubling in size every two months.”

Today also marks the public introduction of Ink. Evolving from, now Ink File Picker, Ink provides the tools developers need to seamlessly connect the content, applications, and devices that people use. Ink will be introducing its improved Ink File Picker and new development product in July 2013.

“This funding gives us the capital we need to build out the Ink development framework and form the fabric that ties together cloud storage, local content, popular applications,” added van Zuiden. “These development advantages translate to tremendous usability benefits and productivity gains for consumers – an easier way to move content across their favorite apps and cloud services.”

“The Ink File Picker has allowed us to connect our app to customers' content faster and better than would have been otherwise possible,” added Adam Tratt, CEO of Haiku Deck.

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