INXPO Announces Best-in-Class Social Networking Integration for Social Business TV, Online Events and Webcasting

Chicago -- 10/03/12
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Social Widgets Foster Conversation and Community for Internal and External Communications Programs

INXPO, the leading cloud platform for Social Business TVOnline Events and Webcasting, announces the availability of three new internal communications Social Widgets. With these Internal Communication Social Widgets, organizations can further foster conversation and community in their private Social Business TV programs, online events and webcasts.

The new internal communications social widgets are as follows:

  • Chatter Widget: The Chatter widget allows you to incorporate and view your organization's Chatter Newsfeed (Chatter is a product of Salesforce).
  • Yammer Widget: The Yammer widget allows you to incorporate and view your organization's Yammer Newsfeed.
  • Jive Widget: The Jive widget allows you to incorporate your Jive Community Activity stream, otherwise known as "What Matters: Activity."

All internal communications widgets can be useful for incorporating conversation around your internal communications broadcasts. The newly released Social Widgets for internal communications complement INXPO's pre-existing widgets for external communications:

  • Twitter Widget: The Twitter widget allows you to incorporate a tweet stream associated with a particular Twitter hash tag. In addition, viewers can join the conversation by submitting tweets directly from the widget.
  • LinkedIn Widget: The LinkedIn widget enables users to find and discover other users whom they're connected to on LinkedIn. Authentication to LinkedIn is handled by this widget.
  • Facebook Widget: The Facebook widget embeds your organization's Facebook page. From the widget, users are able to "Like" posts on your page and leave comments, as well.

"All of our Social Widgets are available to any Social Business TV, online event or webcasting customer. With the deepest level of integration in our space, we enable customers to connect their rich media events and live Social Business TV broadcasts to their ongoing activity streams," said Scott Kellner, INXPO CMO.

"This creates a complete content and conversation ecosystem, further enlivening private communities like Jive and Yammer, while promoting important external customer initiatives via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn," continued Kellner.

INXPO provides the most complete and easy-to-use widgets in the industry, and the widget architecture is extensible, allowing clients and partners to build their own widgets, social or otherwise, into online events, webcasts and Social Business TV broadcasts.

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