INXPO Launches Daily Demos to Highlight Their Webcasting and Social Business TV Software

Chicago, IL -- 07/03/13
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Daily Interactive Sessions Demonstrate the Power and Simplicity of INXPO's Social Business TV Platform

INXPO, a company that delivers next generation online communication and webcasting technology, is launching The Daily Demos channel on its INXPO TV network. The Daily Demos are live, interactive product demonstrations that aim to highlight the power and simplicity of the company’s newest webcasting and Social Business TV software platforms.

Each day on The Daily Demos channel on INXPO TV, the company provides a live demonstration of its digital communications technologies to highlight them to customers, prospects and business partners. The lively, fast-paced 30 minute programs provide participants with a highly interactive screen share-based demonstration of different elements of INXPO technology, such as the INXPO Program Wizard, XPOCAST webcasting solution and others.

"The Daily Demo is a convenient way for participants to experience the range of INXPO technologies from any device,” said Steve Boyce, Host of INXPO TV and VP of Business Development. “Each day, they’re treated to a deep dive on one aspect of INXPO technology, so they can see first-hand how simple and powerful INXPO technologies truly are.”

The Daily Demo episodes, accessible through, are truly interactive. Through live polling, participants can vote on what business use case they'd like featured on that day's program. So, the participants who tune in actually determine the content of that day's demo. The Daily Demo host encourages participants to join in the group chat and submit questions for the live Q & A segment which occurs after the screen-sharing demo concludes. All participant questions are answered live on-air during the Q & A segment.

Afterwards, participants may email for a copy of the simple SBTV Program Brief which shows them how to launch their own programs and corresponds to that day's featured business use case. And, participants can easily request a personal demo at any time by clicking on the ‘Schedule an Appointment’ button, right in the viewing console.

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