INXPO Launches New Certification Solution in Recent Product Release

CHICAGO -- 09/24/13
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Version 11.2 sees additional product enhancements including a new certification solution for desktop and mobile devices

INXPO announces the launch of version 11.2 of its award-winning and innovative next generation webcasting platform. This latest roll out includes new enhanced product features including a new certification solution designed to verify knowledge gained from a webcast or an online event.

This new solution provides companies the ability to deploy online programs using testing functionality to issue certifications upon completion. Comprehensive reporting tools that monitor content consumption including; session activity reports, social media interactivity, badges earned, and other elements give companies the flexibility and options to personalize their own unique certification experience.

With an unsurpassed mobile viewing and interactive experience, companies can now certify anyone in the world at any time on their iOS and Android devices. This mobile trend is where the learning industry has been heading and will continue to evolve.

Additional upgrades to Social Business TV in version 11.2 include a more efficient administrator access page, an updated display for viewers allowing ease of navigation and a graphical reporting tool that provides insight into the effectiveness of live programming.

Upgrades to the INXPO video offerings include H.264 enhancements that support HD streaming, enhanced screen sharing for Mac users, and improvements to video tracking to monitor who downloaded a video and when. Additional enhancements allow the XPOCAST application to support H.264 as well.

The new certification solution and product upgrades further solidify INXPO's commitment to creating an innovative way for businesses to communicate better with their customers, employees, prospects and partners.

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