Fortune 500 Company Uses INXPO's Webcasting and Online Events Platform to Host Quarterly Meetings

CHICAGO -- 11/14/13
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Companies Engage Key Stakeholders Using Virtual Meetings

INXPO, the next-generation webcasting and online events solution provider, continues to pave the way in the virtual meetings space by partnering with One Smooth Stone, an event and communication agency, to deploy successful quarterly mid-managers business meetings for a top Fortune 500 company.

According to a newly-published article by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), One Smooth Stone's client has discovered a new and innovative way to offer management and leadership training. The three-hour virtual event, called the Mid-Managers Business Meetings Initiative, has now been offered seven times over the past two years. Participation in the online event was extremely high—as many as 3,500 mid-managers logged in for the live presentations—and the response to the online event was "overwhelmingly positive."

Partner and re-seller of INXPO's online event solution, One Smooth Stone, developed and produced the virtual event for their client noting INXPO's software to be the right solution for the job.

Gary Vlk, principal and executive vice president of One Smooth Stone, was quoted in the PCMA stating, "with the amount of information, the longevity of the strategy, and the complexity of the audience, being able to communicate with them, and keeping them within a single space — that all made sense that this platform was the right decision and [that] a single standalone webcast or a series of calls or other types of digital meetings wouldn't work."

With an award-winning platform that can easily handle thousands of users concurrently in a virtual space, INXPO continues to be the industry's innovator, transforming the way business leaders connect with their audience.

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