Leap Motion 3D Controller Launches in New Zealand - Retail Exclusive With Dick Smith

AUCKLAND -- 12/04/13
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Innovative 3D motion control device available in Dick Smith NZ stores and at www.dicksmith.co.nz

Leap Motion™ today launched in New Zealand with Dick Smith, the company’s exclusive retail launch partner, taking pre-orders for the innovative Leap Motion™ 3D Controller online at www.dicksmith.co.nz/leap-motion. The controller will be available at Dick Smith stores across the country from Tuesday 10 December.

Leap Motion provides a revolutionary new way for people to do more with their computers. Popular apps in Leap Motion’s Airspace™ Store allow users to play games, create art and music, explore new interactions and learn about science with touch-free hand movements. Leap Motion’s proprietary technology and compact, easy to connect USB device can track the in-air movement of both hands and all 10 fingers with incredible accuracy and no visible latency.

“Dick Smith has a significant number of retail stores and a very popular online retail site, making it the perfect partner for Leap Motion to launch in New Zealand with,” said Leap Motion President and COO Andy Miller. “It’s also an ideal place for even more people to experience the magic of using just their hands in the air to play, learn, and create on their computers.”

Since the Leap Motion Controller launched in July 2013, users have downloaded more than 1 million apps from the Airspace™ Store. Popular apps from New Zealand developers include Digit Duel (http://digitduel.resn.co.nz) and Leap Motion also has a community of more than 65,000 active developers around the world. (To view or join the Auckland Developer Meet Up Group go to - http://www.meetup.com/The-Auckland-Leap-Motion-Group)

Chris Horsley-Wyatt, one of the co-founders of Leap Motion’s exclusive ANZ distributor Blonde Robot, said, “The Leap Motion Controller is a truly unique device and with Christmas fast approaching a perfect gift too. As well as the early tech adopters, Leap has already become very popular with gamers, creative-like musicians and artists, and families – particularly as there are loads of learning apps and games for kids. I do have one tip since this is a whole new way to interact with computers; it’s well worth taking the time to fully explore what Leap Motion is capable of and get familiar with the new interaction. That way you’ll truly discover how it enhances and compliments the way you already use your mouse and keyboard when you interact with your computer.”

The Leap Motion Controller works with computers running Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8, or Windows 7 or 8. It requires a minimum Intel Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom™ II processor, 2 GB RAM, a USB 2.0 port and Internet connection.

Some of Leap Motion’s more popular apps include:

Everyday functionality:
HandWAVE – simple gestures allow you to control a music player and browse the web
Photoscape – navigate photo galleries with a hand swipe

Gaming apps:
GameWAVE – configure existing games like World of Warcraft to play with hand movements
Dropchord – a puzzle game inside a music visualizer with an original soundtrack, from indie shop Double Fine

Music apps:
Geco MIDI – a professional app to manipulate sounds with your hands in the air
AirBeats – a drum kit that appeals to all ages and skill levels

Education apps:
Cyber Science 3D – learn anatomy of a skull
TVO Caterpillar Count – young learners count to 100

Family fun apps:
Sortee – explore concepts and sort them into categories
Balloon Buzz – a fun juvenile game for hand-eye coordination

For all Leap Motion apps visit the Airspace Store at: https://airspace.leapmotion.com

To watch a thirty second video on the Leap Motion 3D controller go to: https://www.leapmotion.com

The Leap Motion Controller retails at Dick Smith for NZ$159 and is available to pre-order online now at: http://www.dicksmith.co.nz/leap-motion

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