Manish Patel

Manish Patel


Manish’s passion for building began when he was a kid. Whether it was on his brother’s Commodore 128 or with a bucket of Legos, he loved to create experiences that stretched the imagination. Today, that same excitement drives his involvement in the startup community. Manish helps teams realize their potential as they evolve from an insight, to an experience, to a business.

At Highland, Manish works with students of human behavior. He invests in consumer internet, mobile and digital media companies that observe patterns in our everyday lives and use technology to solve problems at a human scale. Manish is responsible for Highland's investments in Aviate (acquired by Yahoo), Disconnect, Fleksy and Leap Motion, among others. He is active on the boards of Game ClosureLeap Motion and SmartThings, and was formerly on the board of Impermium (acquired by Google).

Prior to Highland, Manish held several leadership roles across Google as it grew from a search engine to the dominant company that it is today. He led Google’s advanced imagery and 3D mapping programs, launched the first search and recommendation engine for Google’s TV initiative and worked extensively with Google’s international offices. Early on at Google, Manish was part of the team that built the company’s advertising systems, developing key components for both AdWords and AdSense.

Manish graduated from Stanford University, where he earned a B.S. in Engineering and a B.A. in Economics. While at Stanford, Manish was selected as Editor-in-Chief of the Stanford Economics Journal. Manish received the Chilton Award for his work in engineering and the Sobieski Prize for creative thinking in economics. Outside the lab and library, Manish started a number of businesses that quickly failed. Eventually, however, a few ideas were successful.

Manish is actively involved with the nonprofit community in the Bay Area and has worked closely with social entrepreneurs in East Africa. He also enjoys tinkering at his local woodshop in San Francisco.

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