Nebula Announces Technology Partnership with SolidFire

Portland, Ore. -- 04/16/13
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OpenStack Community Leaders Align to Develop Best-of-Breed Integrated Solution for Scale-Out Compute and Storage Infrastructure

OpenStack community leaders Nebula and SolidFire have announced a technology partnership to deliver best-of-breed integrated user experience for customers that add SolidFire storage appliances to their Nebula One system.

Through this partnership, Nebula and SolidFire are working together to test and validate interoperability for customers deploying the combined solution as the basis of a private cloud infrastructure. Nebula customers will be able to seamlessly integrate SolidFire’s high performance SSD-backed storage to Nebula One’s built-in block storage features.

“Nebula is a leader in the OpenStack community, and we are delighted to be working with their team to bring our joint customers a fully certified enterprise-class product experience,” said Dave Wright, CEO, SolidFire. "Nebula shares our vision to leverage the inherent extensibility of the OpenStack platform to provide production-grade integrations with key infrastructure building blocks.”

This partnership brings together the founding engineers and leaders of the OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) project, SolidFire's John Griffith and Nebula's Vish Ishaya.

“In a cloud infrastructure, some applications require very high levels of consistent storage performance,” said Chris C. Kemp, Co-Founder & CEO, Nebula. “Adding a SolidFire appliance to the Nebula One system brings a level of performance predictability not possible from spinning disks in our certified industry standard servers.”

For those attending the OpenStack Design Summit this week in Portland, OR, come visit both Nebula (Booth C22) and SolidFire (Booth C18) to hear more about how these companies are working together to deliver a solution for scale-out compute and storage infrastructure.

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