NetentSec Releases "Intelligent I. T" to Promote Interpersonal Internet Quality

Beijing -- 04/21/10
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Under the circumstances of global financial crisis, in order to achieve outstanding competitive capacity and realize a further development, the working efficiency has to be promoted tremendously, which has become the common recognition by all of the corporate managers. However, as the most important office tool, communication channel, and working basis for a corporation, the internet is at a complicated situation with constant challenges. And the considerations on adopting effective and rational internet application strategy and establishing internet application control system have been much more complicated than the considerations for a traditional internet environment. How to manage “people” and “content” based on a thorough understanding of the customer demand? How to promote the experience of customers through technical advantages of the product? All of these questions can be answered in the product and services of NetentSec.

On April 21st, 2010, NetentSec – the leading provider of internet application management product – held the 2010 Spring Product Launch & Initiating Ceremony for Product Exhibit Tour in 100 Cities, on which the Version 5.5 of NetentSec Internet Control Gateway, NS-ICG and the Version 3.0 of NetentSec Intelligent Traffic Manager, NS-ITM were launched under the theme of “Healthy new internet, easier application”. At the same time, the product exhibit tour of NetentSec was also initiated, which started from Beijing and covered nearly 100 secondary and third-level cities including Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an, Shenyang, Jinan, etc.

Mr. LU Jizhou, the Director of Product Marketing Department of NetentSec, refered both the newly released ICG 5.5 and ITM 3.0 as “Intelligent I. T” in his speech titled “Promoting the quality of interpersonal internet quality” on the day.

“Intelligent I. T” serving China
The concept of “Intelligent I. T” originates from the demand on a high-quality interpersonal internet. Along with the spread of IT application, the internet develops from connection between computers, connection between networks, and to the connection between people, so the interpersonal internet based on “people” and “application content” is now laying a remarkable impact on the working quality.

In the “Intelligent I. T” system, the new ITM 3.0 intelligent traffic management system totally overthrows the traditional traffic management concepts and changes the restriction that a product targeting at promoting application transmission quality can only work as an isolated part, and can only improve the application information transmission quality from one certain aspect. ITM 3.0 is the only traffic management system that supports IPV6 links allocation and identifies IPV6 applications. What’s more, with the traffic control and quality inspection as the core, and supported by several patent techniques including “multi-core parallel optimization” and “dynamic connection cleaning”, the system is characterized by seven primary features including promoting application quality via bearing balancing through the method of bridging and releasing the device pressure by guiding applications, making it an efficient system that can promote the application transmission quality with high level of flexibility and safe extensions.

In the “Intelligent I. T”, the new NetentSec ICG 5.5 integrates the essence of management into the internet behavior management, and sticks to the ICG product values of flexible allocation, personal identification, webpage management, application management, outgoing management, and professional analysis as well. In addition, it supports multiple identity identification modes, and supports the multi-level webpage categorization techniques under cloud computing mode. It initiates the 4th generation of DPI and DFI identification engine and the deep content identification. What’s more, with the new generation of database, it further guarantees the accuracy of the result inquiry.

NetentSec ICG 5.5 expands its user scale towards the two ends based on its current user group. The product covers from soho offices to large enterprises, and the maximum throughput of the system reaches 5Gbps while the concurrent connection number that can be managed simultaneously reaches 4 millions. It can be seen from the data that NetentSec products are taking the lead in the competition in internet application management product market of the world.

In the internet market, it is commonly believed that Cisco leads the fundamental network industry, IBM leads the computer hardware industry, and Oracle leads the application software industry. At the era of interpersonal internet, “Intelligent I. T” focuses on the interaction process, which boosts the promotion of the quality of the internet application. The “Intelligent I. T” of NetentSec can both effectively provide a high-quality and easy application system to users, and guarantee the high-quality and healthy application of users to the system.

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