New Brand Name Generator Revolutionizes the Way Entrepreneurs Name Their Business

Waltham, MA -- 09/26/12
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NameFind Enables Business Owners to Make Smarter and Faster Brand Name Decisions

NameFind Enables Business Owners to Make Smarter and Faster Brand Name Decisions

Waltham, MA -- September 26, 2012 -- NameMedia, the world leader in the acquisition, development and sale of premium domain names, today announced the launch of NameFind, the first collaborative, one-stop business name generator platform.

The site allows new business owners to generate ideas for naming their new business by checking for available domain names, determining name availability on social media sites and receiving feedback on their name choices from their network of friends and colleagues.

NameFind is a unique discovery and acquisition tool that gives entrepreneurs the critical information they need when they are making one of the most important business decisions: naming their company or brand. The NameFind platform anticipates both legal and marketing considerations, showing a matrix of options: domain names (including unregistered, aftermarket and premium variations), available social media handles on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, and U.S. trademark registrations. Users can then review the price of each domain and share their top name choices with their communities and networks to receive feedback, comments and ratings. Obtaining this level of insight revolutionizes the process for choosing a brand name and empowers business owners to make smarter and faster brand name decisions.

“Bringing together all these services in one platform makes naming a new business easier than ever,” said NameMedia CEO Kelly Conlin. “While there is a common perception that ‘all the good names are taken’ this tool makes it clear that there are literally millions of compelling domains and social media handles that are still available to register or to buy on the secondary market.”

Entrepreneurial activity has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. But picking a brand name remained a challenging task. NameFind reduces the time, cost and difficulty associated with the naming process. By entering a topic or a potential name idea into NameFind, users can rely on a proprietary search technology to generate naming options in a variety of budget categories based on those terms, as well as close approximations.

“When we assessed the existing approach that entrepreneurs take to naming their business, we consistently heard that it was time consuming and labor intensive,” said NameMedia Chief Technology Officer Mark Haseltine. “In developing NameFind, our goal was to streamline this process and allow users to quickly assess the availability and strength of brand names, freeing them to get on with building their business.”

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