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Barcelona, Spain -- 09/17/12
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Barcelona, Spain, at Carrier Ethernet World Congress, September 17, 2012. CENX, Inc., a pioneer and leader in Carrier Ethernet interconnect systems and services, today announced that Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) participated in the latest financing of CENX, along with Verizon Investments LLC, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications Inc., Mesirow Financial Private Equity Inc., DCM, Highland Capital Partners, and Wasatch.

“Ericsson and CENX have been working together extensively in the U.S., and we are pleased with their strategic investment,” said Nan Chen, Co-Founder & President of CENX. “This investment accelerates our existing joint efforts and opens the door to rapid global expansion together; we are excited about these new opportunities.”

"CENX has developed an industry-leading solution to address the critical operational aspects of the telecom transition to Ethernet through automating Ethernet/IP-centric telecom systems, processes and services,” said Ron Gavillet, Co-Founder & EVP of CENX, “The combination of CENX’s innovative systems and Ericsson’s worldwide presence could enable our customers sizable cost savings, faster revenue generation, and better end-user-experience in the new Ethernet deployments/IP-centric telecom paradigm.”

CENX’s industry first and only Carrier Ethernet Interconnect Systems & Services enable wireless and wire-line operators to build, manage and optimize their Ethernet/IP networks cost-effectively for 4G Mobile Backhaul and Enterprise access, and deliver the following values:

Lower Access Costs: CENX Systems address the operational challenges associated with buying off-net Ethernet access services, allowing rapid migration from TDM, more access vendor coverage, and the ability to support the more cost-effective multiple classes of service (Multi-CoS) access circuits.

Accelerated Time-To-Market: With CENX automation, Ethernet access design, ordering, provisioning, integration, test and turn-up can be performed much more rapidly.

Improved End-User Experience: CENX deep analytics assess off-net Ethernet SLA compliance and offer trouble and performance sectionalization across multiple Ethernet/IP transport domains to enforce the quality required by the mobile & enterprise end-users.

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