Bromium Pioneers Micro-virtualization Technology; Secures $26.5M Series B Funding

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Breakthrough micro-virtualization technology empowers IT to maximize end user productivity without risk to the enterprise.


Breakthrough micro-virtualization technology empowers IT to maximize end user productivity without risk to the enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO, Jun 20, 2012 -- At GigaOM Structure 2012, Bromium, Inc., a pioneer in trustworthy computing, today unveiled its micro-virtualization technology together with plans to transform the security and trustworthiness of enterprise desktops and mobile devices. Bromium also announced it has raised $26.5M Series B funding from lead investor Highland Capital Partners, new investor Intel Capital, and existing investors Andreessen Horowitz and Ignition Ventures.

"Bromium micro-virtualization delivers on the promise of trusted computing, enabling enterprises to safely embrace the key trends affecting IT: consumerization, mobility, device diversity, and cloud computing," said Gaurav Banga, Co-founder, President and CEO of Bromium. "It is an honor to be backed by investors with such distinguished track records of innovation and industry transformation."

"The Bromium team has the industry credibility, technical chops and execution focus needed to revolutionize the trustworthiness of PCs and mobile devices, empowering both IT and users," said Peter Bell, General Partner, Highland Capital Partners. "Every challenge resulting from mobility, consumerization of IT, and cloud computing boils down to a question of risk to the enterprise versus empowerment of users. Bromium is the answer."

"Advanced Persistent Threats are the Achilles heel of the enterprises security environment. Consequently, enterprise IT departments all over the world are looking for solutions to counter these daily active, targeted attacks," said Sean Cunningham, Director Intel Capital. "Bromium Micro-virtualization helps to eliminate the proliferation of these types of threats in the client and system environment and is a strong addition to Intel's growing ecosystem momentum."

Bromium micro-virtualization Bromium's products are built on the Bromium Microvisor(TM) -- a second-generation virtualization technology that applies the isolation and security principles of virtualization to tasks running within the operating system of a PC or mobile device - completely hidden from the user, who enjoys an unchanged native desktop user experience. The Microvisor automatically identifies each vulnerable task and instantly hardware-isolates it within a micro-VM, which is a lightweight, hardware-backed isolation container that polices access to all OS services and resources. Micro-VMs run natively, with full performance, but continually protect the desktop -- even from unknown threats.

Micro-virtualization makes PCs and mobile devices trustworthy by design -- automatically blocking and discarding malware and advanced threats. It protects data and applications at all times, even on devices that have not been patched, allowing IT to safely embrace mobility and consumer use of enterprise devices, empowering employees and ensuring compliance while simplifying desktop management.

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