NameMedia and Xin Net Announce Distribution Agreement

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NameMedia today announced a strategic marketing partnership with Beijing-based Xin Net.


Xin Net to provide clients with access to NameMedia's premium domain name portfolio

Waltham, MA - July 24, 2007 - NameMedia today announced a strategic marketing partnership with Beijing-based Xin Net.

Xin Net, one of the largest registrars in the world with more than 1,000,000 domains under management, provides domain-related services to China's rapidly growing small- to mid-sized business (SMB) community.

The partnership agreement provides Xin Net's business-focused customer base with access to more than two million premium domain names via NameMedia's Afternic Domain Listing Service (AfternicDLS).

"China's small business expansion is a rapidly growing driver of more than 20 million Chinese SMB's currently in operation. The NameMedia--Xin Net partnership ensures that this thriving business community will have access to the world's most comprehensive inventory of premium domain names," said Peter Lamson, senior vice president and general manager of NameMedia's domain name marketplace. "This partnership will also greatly benefit AfternicDLS members though increased targeted customer reach. Member domains will now be available for sale to an even broader audience of online entrepreneurs."

The Domain Name Journal recently recognized NameMedia as the world's largest secondary domain name marketplace, with saleable inventory exceeding two million names. NameMedia offers a one-stop domain destination for business owners worldwide, providing the largest pool of quality domain names and domain-related services such as custom domain valuation appraisals, anonymous buyer services, domain escrow services for secure domain transactions, and the Active Audience domain parking platform.

"We are delighted to offer a domain exchange service to our partners and domain owners. We believe a full service approach to IT property such as domain names will dramatically simplify our customers' management of their online business." stated Mr. Tony Hou, president of Xin Net Technology Corp, a Beijing-based high-tech firm. "Working with an industry leader like NameMedia will give us instant access to both a vast array of domain resources and a solid technology base. I envision our partnership will further strengthen each party's leadership in corresponding markets."

Located at, the AfternicDLS provides domain sellers with the ability to sell domains through a global distribution network, driving higher sales volume and achieving maximum pricing for its members. NameMedia's global distribution network exceeds fifty marketing partners, including eight of the world's top ten registrars, making it the broadest distribution network in the world for domain names in the secondary market.


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