StreamBase Hosts High-Frequency Trading Roundtable

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Buy-Side and Sell-Side Experts Will Discuss the Myths and Realities of High-Frequency Trading


LEXINGTON, MA – August 10, 2009   –  StreamBase Systems, a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology for capital markets, announces a live online roundtable debate on the myths and realities of high-frequency trading, taking place at 10am ET US, 3pm UK on Thursday, August 13, 2009. 


Panelists include David Harris, CEO of CBOE Stock Exchange; Eric Pritchett, CEO of PhaseCapital; Paul Zubulake, Senior Analyst with the Aite Group; Deborah Mittelman, Director of Product - US Equities, Lime Brokerage; and Professor Bernard S. Donefer of Baruch College, CUNY and former Head of Capital Markets Systems at Fidelity Investments.
“In today's highly electronic trading environment, high-frequency trading firms play the role of liquidity providers to the global financial markets,” said Paul Zubulake, Senior Analyst with the Aite Group. “It is necessary for both the regulators and the rest of the market participants to understand that the high frequency trading community addresses many challenges, such as market transparency and price discovery, with its smart trading models and innovative technology that benefit everyone in the marketplace.”


Topics to be discussed:
- High-frequency trading: what is it, who is doing it and how did it start?
- What are the origins of flash orders in the context of high-frequency trading?
- What is the impact of high-frequency trading: unfair advantage or competitive edge?
Event information:
- Webinar: “High-Frequency Trading Online Roundtable” 
- Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 10am ET US, 3pm UK
- Enroll for the event at or by visiting

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