Radialpoint Internet Security Services 9.0 Helps ISPs Unlock Revenues, Enhance Subscriber Relationships

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New Version is Easier to Use, Offers More Protection Against Constantly Evolving Web Threats

MONTREAL, CANADA – January 12, 2010 – Radialpoint, the leading provider of ISP-delivered, managed IT services and support for the digital home, today announced the release of Radialpoint Internet Security Services (RPS) 9.0. Radialpoint Internet Security Services is the only private-label Internet security solution enabling ISPs to protect their customers' digital home, and the premier security solution for unlocking ISP revenue opportunities and enhancing subscriber relationships. Like all Radialpoint services, RPS 9.0 is a managed end-to-end service supported by Radialpoint's service delivery platform and ISP-branded desktop agent.

RPS 9.0 provides consumers with industry-leading protection against constantly evolving malware threats, a hassle-free user experience, and peace of mind at home and on the go. The all-in-one Internet security solution includes virus and spyware protection, firewall and fraud protection, and additional services including Parental Controls, PC Optimizer, Web Ad Blocker, Privacy Manager, and Backup & Restore.

“RPS 9.0 has been optimized to minimize impact on browsing experience and computer performance while enhancing protection against web threats and malware, including hidden threats,“ said Jean-Francois Gailleur, Director of Product Management, Internet Security for Radialpoint. “For the ISP, RPS 9.0 enhances the unique private label user interface to maximize ISP brand exposure. According to a Radialpoint survey of ISP subscribers, more than 77% of consumers will recommend their ISP security services to their friends and colleagues. This is a significant opportunity for ISPs to create stronger customer relationships that can lead to broader services uptake.“

The latest version includes new functionality and improvements including:

  • Windows 7 Compatibility: With a simple, worry-free migration process, RPS 9.0 supports all editions of Windows 7, including Starter Edition for Netbooks, and both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.
  • Increased Computer Responsiveness: Reengineered to improve users' computer performance, RPS 9.0 features better real-time performance using less overhead for security purposes and leaving more processing power for user-driven activities. Internal tests show that RPS 9.0 adds two to four times less overhead when accessing files than other suites like Norton 2010, F-Secure 2010 and McAfee 2010. Other enhancements include a 50% reduction in installation time, a 20% reduction in launch time, and significantly reduced CPU consumption at bootup.
  • User Interface Improvements: The simplified interface includes a convenient Fix All feature which automatically remediates security risks, a real-time overall security status that lets users know at all times if they are fully protected, and combined Virus Scan and Spyware Scan functions that provide status details on a single page. A Home Security Map indicates the security status of devices on the consumer's home network.
  • Improved Malware and Web Threats Protection: RPS 9.0 provides added protection against threats including difficult-to-remove rootkits that may lead to theft of personal information. Live lookup of potential malware uses collective intelligence to provide better protection for emerging threats. Updated fraud protection uses a cloud-based threat-detection technology which processes more than 1.5 billion transactions daily to discover emerging threats.
  • Enhanced Parental Control: With more than 90 website categories, RPS 9.0 gives parents more granular control over what children can see on the web. A database of categorized URLs contains millions of entries coming from 50 million real-time data collection points.

“Our first hand customer feedback reinforces the ease of use, safety and value that Radialpoint Internet Security Services provide to our high speed internet customers,“ said Neil Datt, Product Manager at Telus. “Each release of Radialpoint Internet Security Services adds additional value, and the latest version really delivers.“

“People are very concerned about Internet security and they generally remain apprehensive and overwhelmed regarding the subject although they spend billions on security software,“ said Charles Kolodgy, research director for Security Products at IDC. “As a result many consumers are turning to their ISPs for security services, and Radialpoint Internet Security Services 9.0 allows ISPs to offer their customers peace of mind from online threats including malware and identity theft.“

Radialpoint Internet Security Services 9.0 is currently available for sale to ISPs worldwide.

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