NameMedia and Expand Domain Name Sales, Acquisition Partnership

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Oversee to Join NameMedia’s Domain Listing Service for Reselling its Large Inventory

LOS ANGELES, CA and WALTHAM, MASS—February 9, 2010 — NameMedia and said today that Oversee would join NameMedia’s Domain Listing Service at to open a new sales channel for its large domain name portfolio.

"This alliance expands our companies’ long-term relationship,” said Oversee President and CEO Jeff Kupietzky. “NameMedia has built the industry’s largest global reseller network for domain names, particularly for retail buyers and small and medium businesses. DLS will help Oversee tap into this retail channel and expose its inventory to millions of customers looking for a premium domain name.”

AfternicDLS is the leader in reaching retail buyers of premium domain names through its websites at, and a network of over 40 distribution partners, including many of the world’s largest registrars..”

“Oversee’s portfolio is one of the largest in the world and will significantly enhance the size of the inventory offered to NameMedia’s reseller network,” said Kelly Conlin, Chairman and CEO of NameMedia. “More than 35 million times each month, consumers looking for domain names access our available inventory, so adding Oversee’s domains improves the chance of a good match—and the velocity of sales in our network”.

Conlin also underlined the value of its participation on Oversee’s SnapNames platform. “NameMedia’s domain name portfolio of nearly one million names has been built over the last ten years by our acquisition team identifying the best sources of domain name inventory,” he said. “SnapNames continues to be one of the most productive sources of domain names for our buyers, and we look forward to continuing to find outstanding domain names every day through the SnapNames auction platform.”

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