ExaGrid First and Only to Publish 200 Disk Backup Customer Success Stories

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City of Miami Beach Shores Up Backups with ExaGrid's Disk Based Solution with Data Deduplication; Customer Story Marks Company and Industry Milestone

Westborough, Mass., November 4, 2010 – ExaGrid Systems, Inc., the leader in cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup solutions with data deduplication, today announced that it has 200 published customer success stories posted on the company's website – making ExaGrid the first and only backup vendor to reach this milestone. These testimonials make up a library of published customer endorsements larger than all competitors combined.

"At ExaGrid, we're committed to providing unsurpassed performance, scalability and support for our customers at the best price in the industry," said Bill Andrews, president and CEO of ExaGrid. "The publication of our 200th customer case study is evidence of our commitment to our growing global customer base. No other company in the IT industry has a comparable number of satisfied customers willing to be publicly quoted about their experiences, and we're extremely proud. The value we deliver to customers using our high performance, highly scalable disk backup with data deduplication system—combined with our top-notch support—makes us the vendor with the broadest range of customer endorsements."

The City of Miami Beach is the 200th customer to publicly share its installation and success with ExaGrid's disk-based backup with data deduplication solution. Prior to switching to ExaGrid, the IT department at the City of Miami Beach had been using a combination of disk and tape, but found it difficult to keep up with the constant pressure of backing up its rapidly growing data. The City chose to set up a two-site ExaGrid disk backup with deduplication system and is now able to reduce its reliance on SAN disk and tape, refine its backup policies and more efficiently restore its data.

"The ExaGrid system has given us the ability to recover and redeploy disk that we had been using for backups, and it has enabled us to get more data off tape and onto disk. That's just better for us all around," said Chris Hipskind, senior systems administrator for the City of Miami Beach. "We're now able to more comfortably back up our data within our backup windows because we're going to the ExaGrid instead of a combination of disk and tape. We have fewer failures and we no longer exceed our backup window. It saves us a lot of time and is much more efficient."

In addition to the 200 customer case studies featured on ExaGrid.com, video testimonials from many satisfied ExaGrid customers can also be seen. In the videos, customers from the education, government, healthcare, retail and high-tech industries give viewers an inside peek at how ExaGrid has successfully solved their backup and retention needs.

ExaGrid disk backup systems are designed to meet the needs of companies whose primary storage is between 1TB and 100TBs of data. ExaGrid's unique approach to disk-based backup delivers unparalleled performance and scalability without requiring costly forklift upgrades as data grows. ExaGrid customers achieve the fastest backup times because data is written directly to disk and data deduplication is performed post-process after the data is stored. In addition, ExaGrid's GRID scalability enables organizations to store up to a 100TB full backup, plus weeks of retention, resulting in logical storage of petabytes of data. Performance scales with data growth since processing power, memory and bandwidth are added along with storage capacity, and data loads are automatically balanced across all servers.

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