VMTurbo Launches a New Tool to Proactively Resolve Virtual Infrastructure Problems as Soon as They Emerge

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The VMTurbo Host Resolver Automatically Detects, Troubleshoots and Isolates Problems, and Then Computes Their Best Resolution Actions, Before They Escalate to Impair Applications

VALHALLA, NY-- November 8, 2010 -- VMTurbo, a virtualization management technology leader, announced today the general availability of a new product, the VMTurbo Host Resolver.

VMTurbo Host Resolver provides system administrators a proactive solution to assure the health and performance of their virtual infrastructure. The Resolver incorporates the problem detection capabilities of the previously released, free VMTurbo Watchdog and extends it to (a) automatically troubleshoot and isolate problems; and (b) automatically compute and recommend the best resolution actions. Administrators can pursue the resolution actions manually, or have the Resolver safely perform them automatically.

The Resolver replaces manual, reactive, ad-hoc fixes of virtual infrastructure problems with automated, proactive resolution of major infrastructures problems. It helps administrators proactively eliminate problems such as memory and storage I/O bottlenecks, congested CPU ready queues and network, as well as mis-configured virtual machines.

The Host Resolver expands VMTurbo's Integrated Virtualization Management Suite of tools. This toolset helps system administrators monitor, analyze, and optimize their virtual IT environments, assuring the health and performance of virtualized applications.

"System administrators often discover problems after they have escalated to impair application performance. Troubleshooting and resolving these problems require analysis of volumes of obscure operational data, usually under extreme time pressure," said Dr. Shmuel Kliger, co-founder, president and CEO of VMTurbo. "The VMTurbo Host Resolver is the only product to offer proactive, automated problem resolution. Administrators can gain peace of mind that their virtual infrastructures are maintained in good health and that problems will be quickly eliminated, before they escalate to harm applications and end users."

VMTurbo Host Resolver includes the free VMTurbo Monitor, and is available immediately at: www.vmturbo.com/products/vmturbo-host-resolver.

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