Flagship Restaurant Group Selects Desktone for Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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Service Provides Mobile Access and Flexibility Without Typical Complexity and Cost

May 2, 2011 – Chelmsford, MA – Desktone, Inc., the pioneer of cloud-hosted Desktops as a Service, today announced that Flagship Restaurant Group, which owns restaurants in Nebraska and Texas, has subscribed to the Desktone Cloud. Flagship is using Desktone’s cloud-hosted virtual desktop service to simplify desktop access for mobile employees, enhance collaboration, and gain the flexibility needed to support company growth.

“Flagship opened two restaurants last year and we plan to continue expanding. We knew that a virtual desktop infrastructure would make it easier for managers to work from different, geographically dispersed outlets and for our company to add new employees to the network, but didn’t want to spend the money or time creating our own VDI environment,” said Megan Longo, Director of Marketing, Flagship Restaurant Group. “With the Desktone Cloud, we get all of the functionality of VDI without the hassle and cost of building a datacenter. Managers can use local, onsite computers and mobile devices to access their desktops—they don’t have to carry their computers around with them. And now that it only takes a few minutes to add new desktops to our Desktone Cloud service, we can integrate future stores and get new employees up and running quickly.”

Longo noted that Flagship is using the Desktone Cloud’s file sharing capability to enhance collaboration. “It’s much easier for employees in our Omaha and Fort Worth locations to communicate, now that we can work from any computer and share documents without having to email them back and forth. Personally, I really like the fact that I can leave my Flagship PC at the office, log in from my home Mac computer and access all my desktop files. Using the Desktone Cloud makes it possible to work from virtually anywhere,” Longo said.

“We’re very pleased that Flagship chose the Desktone Cloud as the foundation of its virtual desktop environment. Flagship’s use epitomizes why businesses of all sizes are turning to our cloud-based desktop service: they want to reap the benefits of desktop virtualization but can’t because of the complexities and costs inherent in internally deployed VDI. And they find that the agility and simplicity that the Desktone Cloud enables—combined with its extremely affordable price point—is unparalleled,” said Peter McKay, CEO of Desktone.

The Desktone Cloud is the industry’s only purpose-built product for delivering VDI in the cloud. The Desktone Cloud lets customers quickly benefit from virtual desktops at a cost of $30/desktop/month—which is significantly lower than those typically associated with onsite virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and traditional desktop environments. By moving virtual desktops to the cloud instead of implementing an internally deployed and managed data center, companies can realize all the promised benefits of virtual desktops—centralized management, improved data security and simplified deployment—without the exorbitant cost or complexities of onsite VDI deployments.

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