MokaFive Customers Reap the Rewards of Client-Side Desktop Management

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New market insight from MokaFive demonstrates huge cost savings in client-side deployments versus traditional VDI

REDWOOD CITY, CA & LAS VEGAS—August 31, 2011—MokaFive™, known for its innovations in virtual desktop management, today announced that its client-side approach to desktop virtualization produces dramatic savings over more traditional, server-hosted VDI models. The insight is based on hard numbers MokaFive has gathered from customers who have deployed its client-based virtualization solution. MokaFive offers an elegant solution for the entire enterprise focused on cost reduction, enhanced security and optimal accessibility.

With MokaFive, organizations can gain all the benefits of VDI management without incurring the costly server and storage upgrade expenses that typically drive down the return on investment of virtualization initiatives. New insight from MokaFive customers revealed that the capital expenditure for a MokaFive client-based VDI deployment was $7,300 for 1,000 seats. That’s a significant savings compared to the $800,000 sticker price for a typical 1,000-seat server-based VDI deployment. What’s more, the ongoing operating expenses for a 1,000 seat MokaFive deployment is approximately $500,000 per year, compared to around $1.4 million annually for a server-based VDI solution.

“We looked at server-based VDI, but the business case was just not there and laptop users complained because they couldn’t go offline,” said MokaFive customer Todd Beakey of RSPEED Incorporated. “Once we looked at the business case, MokaFive was a slam dunk. The payback period with MokaFive was just one month, compared with a full 18 months for a server-based deployment.”

MokaFive’s approach to VDI helps customers cut desktop total cost of ownership by at least 45 percent and helpdesk costs by 60 percent, while requiring 90 percent less infrastructure than VDI.

“MokaFive delivers the ‘choice computing’ users care about without all of the hassle and expense of server-based VDI,” said Dale Fuller, CEO of MokaFive. “Our unique layering technology combines centralized management and control with secure, local execution on any device – Mac, PC, desktop, laptop, USB, corporate owned or personal machines.”

MokaFive leverages the computing power and storage capacity of today’s desktops and laptops – including Macs – to maximize efficiency while significantly lowering server costs, support costs and hardware costs. This is achieved without forgoing security. MokaFive customers can:

  • Access corporate networks and establish layered security with a built-in AV scan.
  • Provide AES-256 encryption with the ability to remotely revoke access for added protection.
  • Secure the mobile workforce and implement a Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) policy.
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