Affine and LiveRail Provide Clarity Into Online Video Content for Media Buys

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Technology Allows Media Buyers to Make Better Real-Time Bidding Decisions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Sep 21, 2011 -- Affine, a leading provider of contextual targeting data for online video ad buying, today announced a partnership with LiveRail, a leading technology vendor for online video advertising, that will offer media buyers total clarity into their real-time online video ad buys and unique in-stream targeting capabilities.

"Media buyers using real-time bidding (RTB) for online video advertising have little or no visibility into the content itself and do not know whether or not their ads will run on safe, relevant videos," said Mike Sullivan, CEO and co-founder at Affine. "Integrating Affine's Contextual Targeting Platform with LiveRail's RTB technology enables media buyers to understand exactly where their ads will appear."

LiveRail's customers will use the Affine Contextual Targeting Platform to determine the content in non-premium videos to make better-informed RTB decisions. While traditional static bidding requires media buyers to pay a flat, fixed average rate for online videos in a category, RTB allows buyers to evaluate and bid on each individual video, using their own data to determine how much to offer. RTB's scalable spending option allows media buyers to make purchases at their convenience and desired budget, saving time and money. Using Affine's real-time transparency into the online video stream, media buyers can confidently execute RTB knowing their ads are appearing on the most relevant content.

"RTB is becoming an important part of the online video advertising ecosystem and media buyers only have fractions of a second to make a buying decision," said Mark Trefgarne, CEO and co-founder at LiveRail. "Our partnership with Affine provides media buyers with important information they need to make better decisions and large scale video purchases."

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