Impermium Secures $8 Million in Series-A Financing to Lead Fight Against Social Web Spam

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Andy Miller joins the board of industry’s first commercial service to protect social web companies and their users.

After a successful beta phase that protected 300 million social media transactions, company accelerates development of industry’s first commercial service to protect social web companies and their users

Palo Alto, CA – November 17, 2011 – Impermium today announced a Series-A financing round of $8 million, which will fuel the build out of the company’s global service for fighting social web spam. The round was led by Highland Capital Partners, with participation from existing investors including The Social+Capital Partnership and Freestyle Capital.

“Social web spam is the biggest threat to the growth of social media and participatory content on the Internet today. If it is not managed effectively, it directly impacts a company’s bottom line,” said Andy Miller, Impermium’s newest board member and general partner at Highland Capital Partners. “We invested in Impermium because it is first to market with core technology and a global defense network that can detect and eliminate social web spam at a level of efficiency that no other security vendor or in-house team can achieve today.”

Impermium has gained significant momentum since its founding just over a year ago. During its beta phase, the company protected more than 300 million social web transactions in pilot projects spanning social networks, media companies and top consumer web sites with significant social media engagement. As an example, Impermium is currently providing anti-web spam and fraud/abuse support to DISQUS, a social media commenting platform which serves 600 million monthly users and is deployed across some of the world's largest media sites including CNN, The Atlantic, Fox News and Time Magazine.

The Social Web Spam Problem is Escalating

Five years ago, social web spam was practically nonexistent. But in October, an industry report indicated that 91 percent of users have experienced spam on a social network. Meanwhile, e-mail based spam has remained flat—and in some cases even decreased—over the past 24 months. Spammers and cybercriminials are causing much more damage on the social web because far more people are exposed to a given posting, and users trust scams and ploys much more readily when they appear to come from members of their social networks.

“When I was at Facebook, I witnessed, first hand, the exponential growth of social spam and the difficulty in staying ahead of it,” said Chamath Palihapitiya, founder of The Social+Capital Partnership, which led Impermium’s seed financing round. “Every site across the web, whether it’s a multi-billion-dollar media company or a mom and pop web site, now needs a service that can combat social spam. We’ve seen companies try to fight this themselves and burn significant amounts of resources, with no end in sight.”

In the coming months, Impermium will expand its engineering, data analytics, sales and marketing departments. It is currently seeking individuals with experience in machine learning, analytics, and in building and marketing Internet-scale software platforms. For more information, please visit the company’s job page.

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