Predictive Biosciences to Present at the GTCbio Oncology Biomarkers Conference

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LEXINGTON, MA – March 14, 2012 – Predictive Biosciences today announced that the Company will be presenting at GTCbio’s 4th Oncology Biomarkers Conference, to be held March 15 – 16 in San Diego, CA.

Anthony P. Shuber, Predictive Biosciences’ chief technology officer and co‐founder, will present “Next‐gen deep sequencing improves FGFR3 mutation detection in the urine of bladder cancer patients” on Thursday, March 15 at 3:45 p.m. PST.

Mr. Shuber’s presentation focuses on a new urine‐based assay developed by Predictive Biosciences that uses ultra‐deep sequencing technology to detect single molecules of DNA mutations. The assay detects fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 (FGFR3) mutations, which studies have shown are present in 30 – 50% of bladder cancer patients.

Urine‐based biomarker assays for monitoring and diagnosing disease have shown to be clinically powerful.However, a major hurdle for developing these assays requires a test with high sensitivity so biomarkers in very low concentrations can be consistently detected.

“We are able to collect a small sample of urine from patients, sequence the sample and determine whether FGFR3 mutations are present in as low as 0.02% total urine DNA.” said Anthony Shuber. “Next‐generation sequencing allows higher sensitivity than qPCR so it is a very promising platform for diagnostic testing.”

Predictive Biosciences has commercialized the CertNDxTM Bladder Cancer Assay which is available in a urine test for hematuria and recurrence patients as well as a tissue‐based molecular grading test.
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