OpGen’s Whole Genome Mapping System and Genome-Builder™ Software Suite Featured at the International Plant & Animal Genome XX Conference

Gaithersburg, Md. -- 01/17/12
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OpGen, Inc., a whole-genome analysis company developing and commercializing a complete suite of break-through products and services based on its proprietary Whole Genome Mapping technology, announced today that the company’s new Whole Genome Mapping and Genome Builder™ software was featured in a poster session at the International Plant & Animal Genome XX Conference, January 14-18, 2012 in San Diego.

The data, presented by researchers from the Beijing Forestry University, reported the significant progress made on the Chinese plum genome assembly. OpGen’s Argus® Whole Genome Mapping System and Genome-Builder software suite were utilized with sequencing data from the Beijing Genome Institute (BGI) to accurately close gaps in the genome sequence and improve genome assembly quality. The poster was presented by the principal author, Qixiang Zhang, Beijing Forestry University, on January 16, 2012.
Continuing advances in sequencing technologies and the decreasing cost of sequencing have resulted in vast amounts of data that must be assembled and analyzed. There is a growing backlog caused by the costly and time consuming bioinformatics and computing required to complete the assemblies and analysis. OpGen’s new applications and service can improve this process and enable a completed reference sequence in weeks, compared to months or years required by the current approaches.

In addition, OpGen will host a new technology workshop titled “Advances in Sequence Assembly and Structural Variation.” The workshop will feature presentations by Richard Moore, M.D., Ph.D., OpGen’s chief scientific officer, and Erin Newburn, Ph.D., an application scientist at OpGen. The workshop will provide an overview of the company’s new Genome-Builder software suite, which enables rapid, accurate sequence assembly and finishing of human, plant and animal genomes. The workshop will take place during the International Plant & Animal Genome XX Conference on January 17, 2012 from 3:50-6 p.m. PT in the Esquire room of the Town and Country Hotel.

“This is an exciting time for genomics research, and we are pleased to discuss how OpGen’s technology advancements can improve the efficiency and quality of sequence assembly and finishing for larger genomes,” said Dr. Moore. “Both the poster presentation and new technology workshop provide important forums for discussion of our findings and insights that enable closing 90 percent of the sequence gaps and providing a more comprehensive and complete view of genomes.”

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