Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy Introduces Mobile App

Boulder, Colo. -- 10/23/12
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Customers Can Now Easily Refill Prescriptions and Manage Health Information via Mobile Phones

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, the nation’s first and largest chain of integrative pharmacies, has announced the launch of a mobile application that makes it even easier for customers to manage their prescriptions. Customers can use the app to refill prescriptions, receive pickup and dosage reminders, and get a complete view of their health information, all through their mobile phone. The easy-to-use app is available as a free download through the app marketplaces or at

"Pharmaca has always provided customers with innovative solutions for their health needs," says Stuart Gratz, Pharmaca’s vice president of pharmacy operations. "This new app makes it easy to manage prescriptions and health information, allowing customers to communicate with us in a variety of ways. It also emphasizes our commitment to green initiatives: knowing the status of their refills reduces unnecessary trips to the pharmacy and allows our customers to maximize their time while they are in the store."

The new app and its mobile website,, operate on a secure network created by San Francisco-based mscripts, the leader in mobile pharmacy solutions. mscripts’ hosted, enterprise-grade solution has been the platform for millions of direct, two-way interactions between pharmacies and patients, resulting in greater medication adherence and enhanced customer satisfaction.

“Pharmaca’s integrative approach to changing the way people interact with their pharmacy is changing what customers expect from their pharmacy,” says Mark Cullen, CEO of mscripts. “Our solution elevates patient engagement from passive browsing of web-based information into an active participation in their well-being. Pharmaca’s text messaging and mobile application make it easier for users to refill on time, to remember to take medicine, and to share information about their prescriptions with their care providers; easier, in other words, to manage their health.”

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