Pinkberry Expands Into India, Continues Global Growth

LOS ANGELES -- 07/02/13
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Yogurt Retailer Opens Three Stores in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai with Partner JSM Corporation

Pinkberry, the world's leading yogurt retailer, has expanded into India, its 19th global market, with the opening of three stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai on the same day.

"We're excited to introduce Pinkberry's high quality, unique and original yogurt experiences to India and we couldn't have picked a better partner than JSM Corporation," said Ron Graves, Pinkberry CEO. "JSM is equally passionate about bringing our fresh and frozen yogurt to their community and singularly focused on exceeding our customer expectations every day."

Pinkberry will join India's booming restaurant sector as a destination for consumers to experience its frozen yogurt with its signature light and refreshing taste and clean finish. In conjunction with the opening of the three stores in India, Pinkberry will introduce its new fresh, not frozen strained yogurt and lassis (an Indian favorite). Pinkberry will encourage locals to experience yogurt as a delicious, convenient snack or meal as a part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Pinkberry and JSM Corporation worked together to authentically regionalize the menu with locally relevant flavors, recipes and toppings. The Pinkberry India menu will include:

- Frozen yogurt with a localized Green Apple flavor in addition to other Pinkberry favorites
- Toppings specific to the region include fresh diced chikoo, poppy chikki, mint and tamarind chutney and chopped dates
- Lassis made with yogurt in local flavors like chikoo and mango, for a refreshing, not-too-sweet experience
- Fresh yogurt bowls that are topped with local favorites - like Dhokla and Khatta Meetha

"When you grow as fast and as globally far-reaching as Pinkberry, it becomes tempting to cut corners and compromise quality, but we refuse to do that," added Graves. "We don't measure our success on just the number of stores we open, but on the number of customers we have coming back on a routine basis, not only because they love the taste of our products but because the entire Pinkberry experience exceeds their expectations."

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