QD Vision’s New Development Package Accelerates Transition to Full Gamut Displays

Lexington, MA -- 12/18/13
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LEXINGTON, Mass. (December 18, 2013) - QD Vision, Inc., today announced the availability of its new Quantum Dot Display Development Package. Display and backlight unit (BLU) system engineers can use the Development Package to quickly integrate QD Vision’s Color IQTM optics into any edge-lit LCD design to precisely match color point and production gamut targets.

This comprehensive package includes Color Point Reference Standards (Color IQ optics), Application Notes, Optical Modeling Services, Customer Data Worksheets and Technical Support. QD Vision is offering the Development Package as a complimentary development tool to all of its customers and partners, helping them and the broader display industry quickly transition to Full Gamut products that achieve optimal color performance.

“The inherent tunability of Quantum Dots provides the flexibility to achieve full 100% overlap of any wide gamut standard (e.g., NTSC, Adobe RGB, DCI),” said John Ritter, Vice President of Product Development, QD Vision. “Our new Development Package gives display makers the ability to perform precision color tuning using their existing supply chain, and to easily retune in response to supply chain changes once in production. This makes Color IQ the most flexible optical component solution to achieve Full Gamut color across a range of production SKUs.”

“We envision that Full Gamut products will become the key differentiator in many kinds of displays,” said Jason Carlson, President and CEO of QD Vision. “Our Color IQ optic is the only production solution in the market today delivering accurate, Full Gamut color performance. Releasing the Quantum Dot Display Development Package will streamline Color IQ integration into LCD designs, accelerating the display industry’s transition to Full Gamut displays.”

CES, January 7-10, 2014

Visit QD Vision at CES 2014 and experience the Color IQ difference for yourself. To schedule a private demonstration contact Lea Tzimoulis: 508-475-0025 x117, ltzimoulis@rainierco.com.

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