QD Vision Wins Gold: Component of the Year for Color IQ Optics at SID Display Week

Lexington, Mass. -- 05/21/13
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QD Vision, Inc., manufacturer of Color IQ optical components for LCD applications, received the Gold Component of the Year Award from the Society for Information Display (SID) for its Color IQ optical components. This award represents one of the industry's highest honors. The award will be presented at the SID symposium luncheon at Display Week in Vancouver, British Columbia and will be accepted by QD Vision CEO, Jason Carlson.

"QD Vision is very honored to receive this recognition from the Society for Information Display," said Jason Carlson, CEO of QD Vision, Inc. "The Color IQ optic is an innovative display component that resulted from years of very hard work by people at QD Vision. Our entire team is extremely pleased and inspired by this award, and we also want to recognize the outstanding cooperation from the team at Sony in commercializing this breakthrough product in LCD TVs.

"The SID Display Industry Awards recognize significant advances made by the international display industry over the past year in bringing new and innovative products to the market," noted Robert Melcher, SID's Display Industry Awards Committee Chairman. "Numerous high-quality nominations were received this year from around the world, demonstrating the continued success of the industry in providing products and technologies to serve the display needs of consumers and professionals alike. We are proud to award QD Vision the 2013 Gold Component of the Year Honor for its Color IQ optical component. We commend the company's ongoing commitment to innovation and to helping shape the future of display performance and solutions."

Color IQ optical components significantly improve LCD color performance. Until now most mainstream LCD TV designs have had to sacrifice color quality typically only delivering 60-70% of the NTSC color standard. Color IQ optics increase typical LCD color performance by up to 50%, and are capable of delivering 100% of the NTSC standard, providing consumers with unparalleled color performance at a superior value. Color IQ optical components work with all major LCD applications, including LCD TVs, LCD monitors and mobile displays, providing both superior color performance and high system efficiency.

Sony's "BRAVIA(R)" LCD Televisions are the first to include Color IQ optical components in select 2013 models which were announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Sony televisions containing Color IQ optics are available through major electronics retailers.

"Color IQ" is a registered trademark of QD Vision, Inc.

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