SessionM Drives 250 Percent Lift in Engagement Among Active Users

Boston, MA -- 10/15/12
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BOSTON, MA-- Oct 15, 2012 -- There is arguably no bigger issue for app developers than user retention. Consumers frequently use most apps only once, resulting in tremendous untapped potential. With no clear direction to effectively capitalize on this opportunity, combined with rising acquisition costs, app developers and publishers face significant challenges as they work to monetize their mobile content.

SessionM, the leading mobile loyalty and advertising platform, offers a path to success by taking a new approach. Its rewards-based system leverages game mechanics to encourage greater user retention and app engagement, creating three-way value for developers, advertisers and consumers. Today, SessionM announced data that illustrates the success app developers experienced when utilizing the platform. On average, after integrating SessionM, app developers have seen a 35 percent increase in retention rate and a 25 percent lower bounce rate (those users who visit the app only once).

Additionally, when comparing SessionM users to non-users, app developers enjoyed a 250 percent lift in in-app activities per visit. This also extends to increased social sharing. SessionM's platform offers a range of social features, including content sharing, linking to Facebook, Twitter check-ins and social polls, all of which have quickly been embraced by app users. In fact, SessionM users, on average, have completed 40 times more in-app social activities than non-users.

This applies to apps across all industries. For The Weather Channel, SessionM played a direct role in driving social discoverability; for every SessionM user that checked in to The Weather Channel app, it produced three times as many clicks to the app's page in the Google Play Store.

SessionM users' higher retention and engagement rates, along with the company's innovative ad formats, have also resulted in higher monetization potential. Many developers have found that ads displayed by SessionM have over a 70 percent opt-in engagement rate compared to less than a one percent click-through-rate for standard banners.

"SessionM has been a great partner," said Cameron Clayton, president, Digital Division, The Weather Channel. "Their rewards-based system creates a fun, integrated experience that allows us to engage with consumers in new ways. The results speak for themselves."

"More than 80 percent of app developers aren't able to generate enough revenue to make their app viable as a standalone business. They need a solution, something to help them overcome this major problem that stems from low retention rates," said Bill Clifford, Chief Revenue Officer, SessionM. "SessionM's platform is that solution. Rewarding mobile users for their time spent engaging with content within the app is a great way to keep them coming back for more."

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