SET Media, in Collaboration with Nielsen, Introduces Predictive Ratings System

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO -- 04/16/13
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SET’s collaboration with Nielsen enables predictive ratings point forecasting and campaign reporting for media buyers

SET Media, a video advertising technology startup headquartered in San Francisco, announced the addition of Nielsen Online Campaign RatingsTM to SET’s video measurement solution, Velocity TM.

Under this collaboration, SET will provide advertisers with the ability to forecast Gross Rating Points (GRPs) by program type (e.g., sports, automotive, entertainment) and individual videos in addition to post impression analytics. By adding Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings data to Velocity, SET has developed technology for measuring GRPs at the video level.

“As advertiser interest in digital video grows, it’s becoming more important that brands understand the performance of the content they sponsor,” said Andrew Feigenson, Nielsen’s SVP, Digital Client Service. “SET is the first ad technology company analyzing, reporting, and measuring ratings at the video and content category level.”

“Our customers want standardized metrics and we’re seeing significant traction with broadcast buyers looking to move into digital video,” said Michael Mathieu, SET’s Chairman and CEO. “This collaboration enables broadcast buyers with familiar insights into digital programming, and digital planners with more data to optimize campaigns.”

As the advertising industry moves to integrate traditional broadcast and digital media buying processes, SET’s work with Nielsen comes at an opportune time. This agreement gives advertisers the ability to predict campaign performance and adjust media plans accordingly. Brand advertisers can see how many points they’ll reach by targeting Sports content versus Home & Garden content, for instance, before a campaign runs.

SET’s video ratings solution is the latest addition to the company’s robust data suite, Velocity, which pulls data from multiple partners to offer comprehensive analytics to clients. Last month SET delivered a complete upgrade to its digital video advertising platform, Guide, to provide video-level performance analytics to brand advertisers.

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