SET Media Rolls Out New Features to its Digital Video Advertising Platform

SAN FRANCISCO -- 03/13/13
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SET Media, a leading video advertising technology company, today announced a new product release of their advertising planning & analytics platform, The Guide. SET’s Guide has been in market for the past year, characterized as the first-ever platform to deliver video-level insights to advertisers, offering an unprecedented look into media buys.

Previously, SET could forecast impression levels for campaigns, and with the arrival of the new Guide, SET can now forecast and preview actual videos that will run in a campaign. This gives advertisers deeper insight into the content they’ll run on beforehand and equips them with the information necessary to plan more efficient campaigns, similar to planning a TV campaign.

SET also provides in-depth analytics on how each individual video performed during and after a campaign, allowing for real time optimization. The Guide reports on metrics like click-through-rate (CTR) and video completion rate (VCR) per video, in addition to metrics like impressions served, player quality, and video location on a page. Key campaign criteria can be modified in real-time to drive greater performance.

An industry first, only SET’s Guide can show each video where the brand’s ad appeared, and key metrics and performance data per video. Other existing methods of reporting offer only a broad stroke category look at how video ad campaigns perform, and indicate little about the actual content or its level of quality. SET is uniquely positioned to offer its partners inventory level analysis and granular performance metrics before, during and after every campaign.

SET’s product launch is in line with the company’s strategic goals of making digital video buying as seamless as broadcast buying, and giving advertisers the means to make media planning easy and valuable. The company will continue to enhance the video buying process by working to automatically optimize campaigns based on individual video performance and plans to roll-out a self-serve analytics interface soon.

To learn more about SET’s offerings, visit or e-mail today.

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